Subscription-Based to Future-Focused: Building a Functional Medicine Ecosystem


Healthcare, EMR


Python, Angular, TypeScript, REST, SOAP, Web Services


Our client is a renowned healthcare organization in the United States. With a focus on functional medicine, they offer specialized services encompassing weight loss, balanced hormones, hair loss, sexual health, skincare, and patient management. Additionally, they provide a range of health products and kits tailored to individual health needs.

Despite their expertise, the client faced functionality issues with their existing chargeable service system, prompting them to seek custom solutions. The client is basically looking for a website where he can showcase his products as per their requirement and a patient portal form where patients can have access to necessary details. This client reached out to Thinkitive for this project due to our experience in providing healthcare services and our vast portfolio of successful projects.

Business challenges

The client desired to move beyond their current subscription-based service systems, which lacked the necessary functionalities and flexibility for their personalized approach. The client has faced the following major challenges:

    1. Functionality Limitations:

The existing subscription based service system lacked essential functionalities required for seamless patient management and product ordering.

    2. Disconnected Systems:

Patient data, test results, and product orders were stored across disparate systems, leading to inefficiencies and data silos.

    3. Manual Processes:

Patient sample submission, test result tracking, order management and care plan management were largely manual, consuming valuable time and resources.

workflow diagram of aesthetic emr software


Based on the collected client requirements, our team compiled a feature list defining the project's scope. Following some modifications, we presented the finalized feature list to the client, who approved it.

  • Portal provided

    -  EMR Portal

    -  Client(Patient) mobile app

    -  Website order management

    -  Integrate all systems into each other

    1. Custom EMR System:

    We developed a comprehensive EMR system tailored to the client's functional medicine practice. The EMR included features for patient management, test result tracking, and seamless integration with the client's website and patient application.

-  Tailored to Functional Medicine

-  Patient Management

-  Test Result Tracking

-  Seamless Integration

    2. E-commerce Website:

    A user-friendly website was created to showcase the client's products and kits. Patients could easily browse, order, and purchase products directly from the website and make payments with seamless integration into the EMR system for order processing and data synchronization.

-  Product Showcase

-  Direct Purchase

-  Payment gateway(Strip)

    3. Patient Application:

    A dedicated patient application was developed, allowing patients to access their health records, view test results, track assigned supplements, and follow personalized care plans. The application provided enhanced patient engagement and empowerment.

-  Purchased Record Access

-  Lab result tracking

-  Supplement Tracking

Value Delivered

  • 30% Increase in Product Sales:

    The launch of the e-commerce website resulted in a 30% increase in product sales within the first quarter, indicating a positive response from patients.

  • Increased Operational Efficiency:

    By centralizing patient data and streamlining workflows, the system improved operational efficiency. 30% reduction in administrative tasks and improved data analysis capabilities, enabling them to focus more on patient care and less on administrative tasks.

  • Enhanced Patient Experience:

    Patient feedback surveys indicated a 95% satisfaction rate with the new functional medicine system, citing improved convenience, accessibility, and quality of care.

Here is the testimonial we received from our delighted client.

"Since implementing Thinkitive's solutions, we've seen a noticeable increase in patient engagement, improved treatment adherence, and even a boost in product sales. We're incredibly grateful for their expertise and dedication to creating technology that truly supports our mission."