One Login, Endless Possibilities: Streamlining Care with Mobile-to-EMR Integration


Healthcare, EMR


Python, Angular, TypeScript, REST, SOAP, Web Services


The Customer is an innovative healthcare company based in Georgia, the United States, driven by a mission to transform the traditional customer-therapist interaction model. The customer has developed a cutting-edge mobile app. This app serves as a platform for clients to book appointments easily using basic contact details and payment information. Additionally, the app allows healthcare therapists to register themselves as therapists, expanding the pool of available services. Currently, the customer has more than 600 active clients and more than 100 Therapists registered.

A customer seeks an EMR solution that seamlessly integrates with their existing mobile app. With EMR, therapists can create notes, and the biller can submit a claim to the clearinghouse. By achieving integration, the customer aims to streamline client and therapist onboarding flow and appointment scheduling, enhance billing transparency, and improve overall operational efficiency.

Business challenges

The growing platform lacked an integrated Electronic Medical Record (EMR) system, hindering efficient care delivery, billing transparency, and data management. Following are some of the major challenges that the customer has faced:

    1. Ineffective Note Creation on Mobile:

-   This inefficiency hampers the documentation process

-   Lack of user-friendly features

-   Incomplete records and inconsistencies in patient care

    2. Fragmented Data and Workflow:

-  Manual Data Entry

-  Multiple Systems

-  Increased errors

    3. Limited Revenue Stream Dependency and Business Expansion:

-  Lack of diverse income sources

-  Dependency on a single revenue stream may pose risks during financial fluctuations

workflow diagram of aesthetic emr software


Using the gathered customer requirements data, the team formulated a feature list outlining the project's scope. Following the validated feature list, our team initiated the development of an EMR solution that can easily integrate with clearing houses and mobile applications. Following are some of the main key features that we have delivered to the customer:

    1. Integration of Mobile Application with EMR System:

    The team has developed a seamless integration between the customer’s existing mobile application and the EMR system to enable bidirectional data exchange. Also, Implemented API endpoints or web services to establish a secure connection between the mobile app and the EMR database, ensuring encrypted data transmission and adherence to HIPAA compliance standards.

-  Client Data

-  Therapist details

-  Booking details

When an appointment is booked and payment is complete, the EMR system automatically retrieves all relevant data. Therapists can then directly create notes within the EMR and update the appointment status, which is subsequently reflected in the respective mobile app.

    2. Client Data Synchronization:

    Client data synchronization involves the seamless exchange of information between the mobile app and the EMR system to ensure consistency and accuracy of client records across platforms. To achieve this functionality, the team has utilized APIs (Application Programming Interfaces) to establish bidirectional data synchronization between the mobile app and EMR.

    The team has made a system functionality that can define data structures and protocols for synchronizing appointment details, demographics, and medical history in real time to maintain data consistency.

-  Bidirectional data synchronization

-  Real-time updates regarding appointments and claim

    3. Clearing House Integration (Availity)

    Clearing House Integration involves linking the EMR system with a third-party clearing house platform to automate and streamline the medical billing process. This integration enables seamless transmission of electronic claims and other billing-related data from the EMR to the clearing house for processing and submission to payers.

    To facilitate this functionality, our technical team has developed integration interfaces to connect the EMR system with the chosen clearing house platform. Also, the team has Implemented HL7 (Health Level Seven) standards (interoperability protocols) for seamless data exchange between the EMR and clearing house.

-  HL7 (Health Level Seven) standards

-  Seamless data exchange

Value Delivered

  • Improved Efficiency and Productivity

    Such integration of mobile and EMR system can lead to a 20% increase in documentation efficiency and a 15% reduction in administrative burden for healthcare professionals.

  • Seamless Client Experience through Data Synchronization

    Provide clients with real-time status updates regarding appointment scheduling and claim submission, elevating the care experience. Also, equips healthcare therapists with real-time client data. As per the received feedback from the customer- Reduced data entry errors by 60%, leading to more accurate diagnoses and treatment plans.

  • Effortless Transactions with Integrated Claims Submission

    Simplify payment processes for clients with secure in-app transactions, enhancing satisfaction and loyalty. Boosted revenue by 20% through seamless payment collection and reduced payment processing fees, Improved revenue collection and reduced payment processing times.