e-Prescriptions, Specialized Billing: Addressing Key Challenges in Psychiatric Care


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The client is a prominent healthcare organization based in the United States, operating multiple clinics across various cities, including New York, Los Angeles, and Chicago. With a strong reputation for providing quality care, the client is now looking to expand its services into the psychiatric specialty. To achieve this goal, the client requires an EMR system with advanced features tailored to the specific needs of psychiatric care. Despite its success, the current EMR lacks specialty-specific features, prompting clients to seek the expertise of a software development company for comprehensive solution development.

Business challenges

As the client wanted to expand their services into the psychiatric specialty, they discovered limitations in their existing generic EMR. It lacked crucial features and flexibility essential for effective psychiatric care. The following are major challenges that he wants to overcome:

    1. Missing specialty-specific visit notes:

The generic templates couldn't capture the nuances of psychiatric assessments and progress notes, hindering comprehensive documentation and care continuity.

    2. Limited e-prescription capabilities:

The system lacked specialized e-prescription capabilities for psychotropic medications, creating inefficiencies and potential medication errors.

    3. Inflexible Billing:

Their EMR wouldn't handle the unique billing nuances of psychiatric services, causing administrative burdens and potential revenue loss.


Using the gathered data, the team formulated a feature list outlining the project's scope. Following the approved feature list, our team has initiated the enhancement of an EMR solution. In chasing this solution, our team has successfully implemented numerous essential features. Here are some of the key features delivered to our client:

    1. Advanced Psychiatric Visit Notes

    We developed customized templates tailored to psychiatric assessments and progress notes. These templates capture the nuances of psychiatric care, ensuring comprehensive documentation and seamless care continuity. With specialized fields and prompts, providers can efficiently document patient encounters, enhancing the quality of care and clinical decision-making.

-  Pre-configured templates

-  Incorporated Assessments Templates

    2. Integrated e-prescriptions

    Our solution includes specialized e-prescription capabilities designed specifically for psychotropic medications. This feature streamlines the prescription process, allowing providers to electronically prescribe psychiatric medications with accuracy and efficiency. By integrating medication databases and dosage guidelines, the system minimizes the risk of medication errors and enhances patient safety.

-  e-prescription integration

-  Comprehensive drug database

-  Check Real-time drug and allergy interaction

workflow diagram of aesthetic emr software

    3. Flexible Billing Functionality:

    To address the inflexible billing challenges, we implemented a flexible billing module capable of accommodating the unique billing nuances of psychiatric services. Our system supports psychiatric billing codes and reimbursement rules, ensuring accurate and compliant billing processes.

    We have provided a specialized feature that helps provide a comprehensive range of psychiatric-specific billing codes. CPT codes auto-populate as per the diagnosis. This feature comes with more efficiency and accuracy in the billing process.

-  Automatically check insurance eligibility

-  Auto-populate CPT codes

-  Mapped ICD-10 code with CPT codes

-  Electronically submit claim to payer

-  Customizable set for coding (Treatment specific codes)

workflow diagram of aesthetic emr software

Value Delivered

  • Improved Patient Care:

    The tailored visit notes facilitated comprehensive assessments and treatment plans, leading to 20% faster diagnoses and 15% fewer errors.

  • Reduction in Medication Errors:

    Streamlined e-prescribing saved clinicians 30% of the time and reduced medication errors by 10%.

  • 10% Improved Revenue Capture:

    Flexible billing capabilities ensured accurate and timely reimbursement for psychiatric services.

  • Scalability and Adaptability:

    The modular design allows for future integration with additional psychiatric specialties and tools, ensuring long-term value.

Don't simply take our word for it; listen to testimonials from satisfied clients:

"Expanding into psychiatry with the old EMR was impossible. Now, with these advanced features, we can confidently offer comprehensive and efficient care to our patients. The new EMR features have revolutionized our psychiatric care delivery. The templates save us time, the e-prescriptions ensure safety, and the billing accuracy is impeccable."