From Intake to Treatment, Streamlined: Advanced Features Empower Psychiatric Practices


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The client is Psychiatric Mental Health Care for Children, Adolescents, and Adults, which provides comprehensive psychiatric services to people in and around Mesa, Arizona. The team of 150 practitioners and other staff members works together and coordinates therapeutic services with internal and external therapists to address mood disorders and conditions like anxiety, depression, bipolar disorder, and post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD). As client wants to expand their services, they started looking for new EMR with advanced features that help them perform practices seamlessly in a seamless manner.

Business challenges

Initially, the client utilized an expensive yet underperforming EMR system. Faced with critical challenges, the client seeks a more efficient and cost-effective EMR solution, so the client has reached out to Thinkitive due to their experience in providing healthcare services and their vast portfolio of successful projects.

    1. Struggling with outdated medical screening evaluations:

-   Inefficiencies and potential gaps in patient assessments.

-   Ied to time-consuming data entry and lacked consistency, impacting patient flow.

-   Manually add Assessment score

    2. Inflexibility in assessment : (Generic assessments)

-  Generic assessments failed to adapt to individual needs and cultural nuances.

-  Hindering personalized care and treatment planning.

    3. Errors in Medication Prescribing: (Patient Safety)

-  Occurrence of medication errors during the prescription process.

-  Increasing risks of drug interactions and adverse reactions, posing risks to patient safety.


Using the gathered data, the team formulated a feature list outlining the project's scope. Following the approved feature list, our team has initiated the development of an EMR solution. In chasing this solution, our team has successfully implemented numerous essential features. Here are some of the key features delivered to our client:

    1. Comprehensive Medical Screening Evaluation:

    As per the client's requirement for seamless medical screening evaluation, our technical team has implemented an interactive, user-friendly interface for medical screening evaluations, ensuring easy navigation and efficient data entry containing macros. The team has implemented a structured questionnaire system that aligns with comprehensive medical screening protocols. Using this feature, providers can select templates/Macros for medical screening evaluations.

    Using provided templates or macros, providers can complete medical screening evaluations E.g- Cognitive, functional, Mental, learning, and risk assessments. Also, providers can comment or note in between the MSE.

-  User-Friendly Interface

-  Structured Questionnaire System

-  Customizable Macros

workflow diagram of aesthetic emr software

    2. Standardized and Customizable Assessments:

    To streamline assessments, our team has implemented a list of all assessments that need to be completed (BDI for mood disorders, ASRS for ADHD, or PID-5 for personality disorders). From this list, the provider can choose any of the assessments that need to be completed for the patient. Also, the team has implemented validation algorithms that help to calculate assessment scores using built-in logic, and based on the score, the provider can determine the severity of the disease.

-  Incorporated Assessments Templates

-  Assessment Module Architecture/ customizable

-  Validation Algorithms (Automate scoring system)

    3. e-Prescription (MD toolbox)

    To resolve the issue of medication errors and other medication-related issues, the team has Integrated an e-prescription platform directly into the EMR system, enabling seamless prescription processes. Additionally, the team has incorporated a comprehensive drug database to facilitate accurate and up-to-date medication information during the prescription process.

-  e-prescription integration

-  Comprehensive drug database

-  Check Real-time drug and allergy interaction

-  Provider don’t need to leave EMR

workflow diagram of aesthetic emr software

Value Delivered

As we have delivered the fully advanced featured EMR before the decided timelines, which is under three months, the client has shared their response in which they mentioned:

"This solution has been a game-changer! We're reaching more patients, providing better care, and our team is more efficient than ever."

Here are some of the value deliverables that helped the Client achieve their goals.

  • Enhanced Accuracy in Evaluations:

    The implementation of the new EMR system significantly improved the accuracy of medical screening evaluations. It results in a remarkable 25% improvement in diagnostic accuracy across diverse age groups.

  • Tailored Treatment Plans:

    The ability to customize assessments resulted in a 20% increase in the creation of personalized treatment plans, aligning interventions with individual patient needs. Also, it assists in ensuring personalized care and effectively addressing individual mental health needs.

  • Reduction in Medication Errors & increase patient safety:

    Integration with e-prescription achieved an impressive 40% reduction in medication errors, ensuring safer prescription practices. Moreover, there was a notable enhancement in patient safety, with a recorded 35% decrease in adverse events related to medication errors.