Pre-built templates designed by dermatologists reduce charting time by 50%


Healthcare , EMR


Python ,Angular, TypeScript,REST ,SOAP,Web Services


A prominent healthcare organization based in the United States, renowned for its extensive range of services and commitment to patient care. With 150+ staff members, including nurses, providers, billers, and a solid patient population of 800+ patients, the organization has solidified its position as a leader in the healthcare industry.

Now, aiming to expand its services to include dermatology, the organization seeks a specialized EMR solution tailored to the unique needs of dermatological care. The client reached out to Thinkitive for the project due to our experience in providing healthcare services and our vast portfolio of successful projects.

Business challenges

The client has good experience in US healthcare, but now they want to expand their services in the dermatology specialty. So, the client started seeking a specialty-specific EMR for dermatology. The following are the major challenges that the client wants to overcome:

    1. Lack of dermatology templates:

The existing software provided limited resources with limited EMR templates, which created resistance to accurately capturing and documenting dermatology-specific conditions and treatments.

    2. Difficulty managing and integrating images:

The inability to easily store, annotate, and integrate high-resolution dermatological images within the EMR can hinder diagnosis and treatment planning.

    3. Limited teledermatology capabilities:

Inefficiency in seamlessly integrating teledermatology tools within the EMR can hinder remote consultations, impacting patient access to care and practice efficiency.

workflow diagram of aesthetic emr software


Using the gathered client requirements data, the team formulated a feature list outlining the project's scope. After making some adjustments, we presented the feature list to the client, who granted approval.

As per the granted feature list, our team has started developing a specialty-specific EMR for dermatology. Here are the solutions that we have offered to our client:

    1. Comprehensive Dermatology Templates:

    After implementing our software into the practice, we integrated a ‘Form Builder’ feature within the frame. This allowed the creation of customized templates specific to dermatology procedures, issues, and therapies.

-  Easy customization of notes

-  Template Architecture

-  Structured fields in templates

    2. Image Management and Integration:

    The team has developed a centralized and secure image storage system that is integrated with EMR. Using this feature makes it possible to organize and annotate dermatological images easily. Enable practitioners to annotate and label images for better categorization.

    During the delivery of this feature, we have ensured that it can provide seamless integration with other diagnostic and imagining devices. While developing this feature, our team has validated that the Digital Imaging and Communications in Medicine (DICOM) and Health Level Seven (HL7) standards are being followed for data exchange.

-  Centralized storage and easy annotation

-  HL7 and DICOM Compliance

-  Secure Data Transmission

    3. Seamless Teledermatology Integration

    We have developed an interface within the EMR system that allows seamless integration. It is helpful for practitioners to conduct remote consultations, share images, and review patient cases through secure video conferencing.

Value Delivered

  • Reduce charting time by 50%:

    Pre-built templates designed by dermatologists capture nuances of diagnoses, treatments, and imaging findings, saving you valuable time per patient encounter.

  • Simplify image handling:

    Securely store, annotate, and compare medical images with ease. Eliminate the hassle of external systems and fragmented workflows.

  • Expand your reach by 30%:

    Offered convenient consultations to remote patients, increasing access to quality care.

Don't just take our word for it; hear from satisfied client:

"Before implementing this specialty-specific EMR, I was struggling with outdated templates that didn't capture the specifics of my patients' skin conditions. Now, I have access to a library of comprehensive templates designed by dermatologists. Also, Your EMR's image management tools are a game-changer! I can now track skin conditions over time with detailed annotations, giving me deeper insights into treatment progress.”