Single Click-Pay-Done: Seamless Patient Payments with Integrated Gateway


Healthcare, EMR


Python, Angular, TypeScript, REST, SOAP, Web Services


The client is a well-known healthcare organization founded in South Africa that is driven by a passion for revolutionizing healthcare delivery. With a visionary approach, the client aims to establish a cutting-edge healthcare platform. The client has more than 150 staff members, including nurses and providers. The client has ten years of solid experience in the healthcare industry.

The client has their own EMR, which is quite off the shelf. Hence, The client approached Thinkitive for this project in which they want to incorporate advanced features such as appointment scheduling, the integration of a Payment Gateway (Authorize.Net), and telemedicine Integration (Zoom) in existing EMR.

Business challenges

The client, a South African healthcare organization, initially client is using one EMR system, which is not able to fulfill the requirements of the client. Because of that, they started seeking a team of developers who would help them streamline EMR solutions to overcome the following challenges:

    1. Complex Appointment Scheduling Structure

-   Struggling with calendar sync

-   Encountering difficulties in coordinating time slots during appointment bookings.

-   Real-time availability of providers is not accessible, adversely impacting the scheduling process

    2. Facing Issues in Handling Financial Matters

-  Delayed Payment Processing

-  Limited Payment Options

-  Difficulty in Tracking Payments

-  Inefficient Revenue Cycle Management

    3. Difficulties in Virtual Consultations

-  Limited Access to Healthcare

-  The current software systems lack features for proactive patient engagement.

-  Facing delays in promptly attending to patients due to geographical obstacles

workflow diagram of aesthetic emr software


Using the gathered client requirements data, the team developed a feature list outlining the project's scope. Upon approval of the feature list by the client, the team begins enhancements on the client's existing EMR to align features with advanced capabilities aimed at meeting their goals. Presented below are some key features we delivered to the client:

    1. Scheduling and Automated Reminders:

    We have implemented a centralized appointment scheduling system within their existing EMR software. The team has utilized a user-friendly interface for staff to schedule, reschedule, and cancel appointments efficiently. To reduce the number of no-shows, this feature will help send notifications and reminders to patients.

-  Coherent appointment scheduling

-  Automated appointments reminders

-  Sync calendar with mobile

    2. Incorporation of Payment Gateway (Authorize.Net):

    To have a secure payment transfer, our technical team utilized Authorize.Net's API (Application Programming Interface) to establish a connection between the EMR system and the payment gateway. Implemented secure API calls to facilitate communication between the EMR platform and the Authorize.Net gateway.

    Also, the team has Implemented tokenization to replace sensitive cardholder data with unique identifiers, enhancing data security during transmission.

-  Utilized Authorize.Net's API

-  Implemented secure API calls

-  Tokenization Mechanism

    3. Seamless Telemedicine Integration (Zoom)

    In terms of facilitating virtual consultations, the team has integrated a Zoom API with the EMR system—embedded telemedicine features directly within the EMR interface for a seamless user experience. Also, the team has ensured end-to-end encryption and compliance with telemedicine regulations for patient confidentiality and data security. To deliver top-notch health services and support to patients remotely.

-  Allows video links for telehealth

-  In-call messaging

-  Efficiently create notes during the encounter

-  Efficient and Secure calls

-  Multi-Client Sessions

Check out the glowing feedback we received from our delighted client, highlighting how these feature implementations truly made a difference for them:

‘’Since implementing the new scheduling and reminder features in my EMR, missed appointments have dropped by 70%! Patients appreciate the automated texts and emails, and it's freed up my staff's time to focus on other tasks. Also, Integrating Authorize.Net into my EMR has been a game-changer, Our collections rate has increased by 15% since using Authorize.Net. Patients appreciate the ability to pay online or through the app’’