Click to Clinic: Streamlining Patient Experience with Integrated EMR Appointments


Healthcare, EMR


Python, Angular, TypeScript, REST, SOAP, Web Services


The client is a prominent healthcare provider based in the United States, serving a diverse patient population across mental specialties. The client has a decade of experience in delivering high-quality medical care. Despite having a robust online presence and receiving significant traffic to their website, the client encountered a critical challenge in facilitating online appointment bookings.The client wants EMR integration with appointment widget, enabling online appointments, collection of patient data, and payment data directly into the EMR system.

Business challenges

The client wanted to integrate their existing EMR with a website where patients could book appointments, add demographic details, and make payments. Upon payment completion, all data would be securely stored within the EMR, adhering to relevant data security regulations.

    1. Missed Scheduling Opportunities and Patient Dissatisfaction:

The client faced a significant challenge in facilitating appointment bookings, even with a strong online presence and strong traffic to their website.

-  This inconsistency resulted in missed scheduling opportunities in addition to a bad user experience.

-  Potential patient dissatisfaction

    2. Administrative Burden & Manual Data Entry:

The client encountered significant challenges with manual data entry processes, particularly when collecting patient information during appointment scheduling.

-  Scattered data across various systems and paper records

-  Manually managing schedules, reducing productivity

    3. Workflow Inefficiencies and Delays:

The lack of integration between the appointment widget and the EMR exacerbated workflow inefficiencies and delays in accessing patient data.

-  Missed appointments or late cancellations due to poor scheduling impact revenue and profitability.

-  Struggling to retrieve relevant patient information quickly, leading to delays in treatment decisions.

workflow diagram of aesthetic emr software


We started working on an EMR system that connects smoothly with the appointment widget. We added important features to make it easier for healthcare workers to manage their practices better.

    1. Appointment Widget Integration

    Firstly, our technical team has developed APIs (Application Programming Interfaces) to establish seamless communication between the appointment widget and the EMR solution. After that, the team provided a programming code to integrate the client website directly into the EMR user interface, allowing providers to access complete appointment information within their familiar EMR environment.

  • Appointment Details:

    -  Provider

    -  Service

    -  Location

    -  Date and time

  • Contact Details:

    -  First name

    -  Last name

    -  Date of birth

    -  Email address

    -  Phone number

  • Payment Details:

    -  Card details

    -  Pay via UPI

    -  Net banking

    -  Wallet

We have integrated a payment gateway with the EMR system, which helps providers to validate payment-related factors. It helps to make the payment process seamless. All this filled information of the patient will reflect on the EMR with the help of data synchronization.

    2. Real-time Data Synchronization & Availability Tracking

    Our team has Implemented mechanisms for real-time data synchronization between the appointment widget and the EMR solution. Ensures that any changes made to appointments, such as booking, rescheduling, or cancellations, are immediately reflected in the EMR.

    The provider can see payment-related details such as card details on EMR as we have integrated a payment gateway with the EMR system, which helps the provider validate payment-related factors. It helps to make the payment process seamless.

    Also, the team has enabled real-time tracking of provider availability within the appointment widget based on their schedule stored in the EMR. Implemented a logic to display only available appointment slots to patients, preventing double bookings and scheduling conflicts.

Value Delivered

"Before working with you, scheduling and data entry were paper nightmares. Now, our Appointment Widget seamlessly feeds accurate data into the EMR, saving time and eliminating errors. It's like magic!"

This is the response we got from our client after implementing these features into their existing system. Now let's see what are these value deliverables that we have delivered to the client:

  • Minimized Scheduling Errors and Conflicts:

    Real-time data synchronization between the appointment widget and the EMR reduces the likelihood of scheduling errors, double bookings, and conflicts. As per feedback shared by the client post-implementation- Decreased scheduling errors and conflicts by 60%.

  • Enhanced Data Accuracy and Accessibility:

    With the synchronization of appointment details from the widget to the EMR, all patient contact and payment information are accurately captured and stored within the EMR system. It reflects in- 50% lesser errors were recorded after integration.

  • Increased Appointment Management Efficiency:

    The real-time data synchronization between the appointment widget and the EMR solution ensures immediate updates to appointment statuses, including bookings, rescheduling, or cancellations.

  • Improved Payment Process Seamlessly:

    Integration of the payment gateway with the EMR system enables providers to access payment-related details, such as card information, directly within the EMR interface.