One System, Seamless Care: Telehealth & More in White-Labelled EMR


Healthcare , EMR


Python ,Angular, TypeScript,REST ,SOAP,Web Services


The client, a leading healthcare organization based in the US, operates multiple clinics across various specialties. Currently utilizing a subscription-based chargeable system for daily operations, the client is encountering challenges with escalating costs, inflexible workflows, and performance issues with their existing EMR system. They relied on multiple subscription-based systems for essential tasks like:

  • Appointment scheduling

  • Visit note management

  • Massaging

  • Telehealth integration

Business challenges

Basically, the client is facing challenges with current charge-based systems due to their inefficiencies and performance issues. Additionally, they want a white-labeled EMR system so that they can sell the same system to other providers.

    1. Rising Subscription Costs:

The existing EMR system's subscription fees were steadily increasing, putting a strain on the organization's budget.

    2. Lack of Flexibility:

Inflexible workflows hinder adaptability to changing clinic requirements and operational needs.

    3. Fragmented Systems:

Utilizing multiple systems for essential tasks leads to disjointed workflows, data silos, and decreased operational efficiency.

    4. Efficiency and Performance:

The existing system's inefficiencies and performance issues impede seamless healthcare delivery and patient care coordination.


The organization connected with Thinkitive to develop a custom, white-labeled Electronic Medical Record (EMR) system from scratch. The solution addressed their challenges and offered additional benefits:

    1. Appointment Scheduling & Management:

    Online appointment booking, calendar management, reminders, and confirmations. Patients can conveniently book appointments online (Using the patient portal) through the EMR system, streamlining the scheduling process.

-  Online check-in capabilities to reduce waiting room time.

-  Telehealth appointment scheduling option for virtual consultations.

-  Integration with patient portals for appointment history and self-scheduling.

    2. Visit Note Preparation & Messaging:

    The EMR offers a library of flexible note templates tailored to various specialties and visit types, allowing providers to document patient encounters efficiently.

-  Flexible Note Templates

-  Secure Patient Record Access

-  Role-based access control

    3. Telehealth Integration:

    The EMR system includes built-in video conferencing capabilities for secure virtual consultations and remote care delivery.

-  Secure Video Conferencing

-  Virtual Waiting Room

-  Remote Patient Monitoring

    4. White-Labeling:

    Crucially, we designed the EMR system as fully white-labeled, meaning:

-  Client's branding:The system displays the client's logo, name, and colors, fostering brand recognition.

-  Customization:The client can tailor the system's interface, features, and workflows to their specific needs.

-  Ownership & Resale:The client owns the intellectual property and can potentially resell the system to other healthcare organizations, creating a new revenue stream.

Value Delivered

  • 40% annual cost savings:

    By transitioning to a self-owned EMR system, the client experiences reduced operational costs and avoids escalating subscription fees.

  • Enhanced Flexibility:

    The customized EMR system offers flexible workflows, allowing the client to adapt and optimize clinic operations as needed.

  • Improved Efficiency:

    Consolidating essential tasks into one platform streamlines workflows enhances operational efficiency, and improves staff productivity.

  • Revenue Generation:

    With the white-labeled EMR system, the client can market and sell the software to other healthcare providers, creating additional revenue streams and expanding their business opportunities.