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We provide Automation developers or teams, as per your requirements, from a pool of 30+ certified Automation programmers who are experts in testing web, mobile, and desktop applications.

  • Certified In-house team with 5+ years of average exp.
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  • 100% clean code with source code protection

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Hire Test Automation Engineers in 3 Steps



Client sharing Automation tester requirement with Thinkitive sales team.

Share project requirements

Share your Automation Testing requirement. Our subject matter expert team will understand the requirements and share the best-matching candidate's CVs.


Review in-house Automation tester CVs

Interview and evaluate candidates

Evaluate Automation testers based on technical and soft skills. Choose tester that best suit your QA manual testing requirements.


Sign an NDA and onboard dedicated Automation Tester

Onboard Resource or Team

Onboard Automation Tester in the next 48 hours by signing NDA and Service Level Agreements.

Build a Complete Project team On-demand

Efficiently assemble a skilled Automation Testing team tailored to your project needs. We offer on-demand hiring solutions as if they were your in-house testers.

300+ Technology Experts

We are a big family of 300+ experienced programmers with in-depth technology and domain understanding. We empower businesses to create teams of any size, ranging from 1-2 members to over 50 members, all within a single umbrella.

End to End Development

Our services encompass every facet of software development, including consultation, design, business analysis, development, testing, and DevOps. In addition, we offer ongoing support and maintenance for software systems.

Pre-Vetted Candidates

Our Automation Testers undergo a screening or evaluation process before being recommended or hired. It involves various assessments of their technical skills, and certification to ensure they fit the job well.

Budget Friendly

We offer a competitive hiring rate as 100% of our team is in-house, guaranteeing maximum efficiency while minimizing costs. We also offer a 15 day free tail before you hire tester for automated testing without any commitments.

A team of expert Automation Engineers discussing the project testing plan

Take your software testing to the next level with our expert automation tester.

Contact us now to discuss your project requirements and take the first step towards faster, more efficient testing.

Manage and control the quality of your product with our Automation testing services

In-depth Domain Expertise - Thinkitive

Web Automation Testing

We use specialized software to simulate user interactions with web applications, testing various functionalities such as form filling, data submission, and page navigation. It automates repetitive testing tasks, saves time, and improves overall testing efficiency.

Ready-to-use Components - Thinkitive

Mobile Automation Testing

We use human testers to manually execute test cases and scripts to identify defects in software applications. It involves creating test plans, executing tests, documenting defects, and providing feedback to developers.

Third Party Integration - Thinkitive

Automated Performance Testing

We use software tools to simulate and measure the performance of an application or system under various conditions, such as high traffic or heavy usage. It helps identify potential bottlenecks and areas for improvement, ensuring the application or system can handle its intended workload.

Affordable Telemedicine Solutions - Thinkitive

Automated API Testing

We use software tools to automatically test an application programming interface's functionality, reliability, and performance (API). It typically includes writing test scripts, executing tests, and reporting on any issues or defects found in the API.

Fully Customized Solutions - Thinkitive

Automated Cross Browser Testing

We use software tools to automatically test web applications or websites on multiple web browsers and operating systems. It ensures that the application or website is compatible with different browsers and provides a consistent user experience across all platforms.

Benefits of out-sourcing QA Automation Tester from us

Free Manager Services

We assign a free project manager irrespective of the number of QA Engineers you hire. The project manager will be responsible for project planning, timeline, and defining project goals and deliverables. The project manager will ensure you get quality output throughout your engagement with Thinkitive.

Monitor project progress

Ensure Client Satisfaction

Accountable for deliverables

Tablet view of project manager having a video call with the client sharing details of the project timeline and goals.

Daily & Monthly Timesheet Updates

We furnish daily reports and timesheets summarising tasks completed, roadblocks faced, and project milestones achieved. A detailed timesheet is shared at month-end to evaluate team tasks and hours spent per task, enabling you to assess payment based on work completed.

Track & Evaluate progress

Pay only for quality work

Manage time effectively

Monthly timesheet of completed tasks-along with the exact number of hours required to complete each task

Talent Replacement Policy

For any reason, a tester we have placed with your company does not satisfy your expectations or the tester is unavailable due to unavoidable circumstances. We keep 10% backup resources that can immediately replace existing developers with the same level of expertise without interrupting your project progress.

Free Developer Replacement

Minimising Project Disruption

Replace Resources in the Week

Resume of Automation Tester for hire

Effective Project Management and Collaboration Tools

Interactive Communication Tools

We streamline processes and workflows using communication tools, which leads to enhanced efficiency. We provide real-time updates and access to data to our stakeholders to better understand the project's progress toward goals.

CI/CD Pipelines

We offer continuous integration and create end-to-end CI/CD pipelines by building, testing, and deploying code using agile development methodology.

UI/UX Tools

Designers use collaborative interfaces and vector-based design tools to provide intuitive design to your unique Automation development project.

Coordinated Project Management Tools

Our QA engineers utilize project management tools to present reports that give stakeholders a high-level perspective of the project's progress.

Code Management

The development team uses a version control system (VCS) or subversion to track changes, manage code versions, and collaborate with team members.

Why Thinkitive is the best Automation Testing Company?


Our team of QA experts is well-versed in various automation testing tools and technologies. They deeply understand the software development lifecycle and can provide customized solutions to our clients. We have vast experience in handling different testing projects.
We have a proven track record of delivering high-quality testing services to our clients. We provide references and case studies demonstrating our success in delivering test automation services. Being one of the best automation testing companies, we offer cost-effective solutions that provide value for money.


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A team of expert Automation Developers discussing the project testing plan

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72 Hours

1-4 Months

5-6 Weeks

Pre-Screen Candidates


Typical employment

Freelance developers

Pre-Screen Candidates

Hiring Costing


Typical employment

Freelance developers

Hiring Costing




Documentation & Security


Typical employment

Freelance developers

Documentation & Security



Typical employment

Freelance developers



Long-term costly

High Cost

Quality Guarantee


Typical employment

Freelance developers

Quality Guarantee

Failure Rate


Typical employment

Freelance developers

Failure Rate

Very Low


Very High



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Hire Test Automation Engineer as per your need

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We’ll provide a fully signed NDA for your Project’s confidentiality


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3 to 5 Years of Exp. Automation Developer - 160 hours

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Engagement Model For Hiring Automation Developer


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Thinkitive Hiring Model


Thinkitive- Hiring


Full-Time Hourly

Part-Time Hourly

Daily Hours 8 hours 8 hours 4+ Hours
Hiring Models ≥3 months ≥2 months ≥1 month
Hiring Benefits 5% Discount 1% Discount None
Payments Fixed monthly pay Based on Hours Based on hours

Frequently Asked Questions

QA automation is using software tools to automate manual testing tasks. It involves using specialized tools and frameworks to perform automated tests that verify software functionality, performance, and reliability. QA automation aims to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of software testing while reducing the risk of human error.
An Automation Engineer is responsible for designing, developing, and implementing automated solutions to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of software testing processes. They create and execute automated test cases, identify and report defects, and collaborate with other team members to ensure high-quality software delivery.
Manual QA involves testing software applications to find defects, bugs, and performance issues. It involves a tester using various testing techniques, such as exploratory testing, to identify potential issues.
Automation QA, on the other hand, involves using automated tools and scripts to execute predefined test cases. It involves automating repetitive and time-consuming manual testing tasks, such as regression testing, to save time and improve testing efficiency.
It is advisable to incorporate Quality Assurance (QA) in the software development process at the earliest possible stage, ideally during the planning phase. This guarantees that quality is integrated into the product from the beginning and diminishes the chances of problems occurring later. By offering valuable insights on requirements, design, and implementation, QA can assist in identifying defects early on.
To check QA automation quality, you can start by defining clear and measurable goals for the automation process. Develop and execute test cases covering all relevant scenarios and ensure the automation scripts are stable and maintainable. Monitor the test results and track defects to identify areas for improvement. Use code reviews and continuous integration to ensure the code quality is maintained. Finally, regularly review the automation process and make adjustments as necessary to ensure that it meets the desired quality standards.
The average costs of hiring Automation Developers ranges from $18 to $28 per hour.

QA automation developers use many tools and technologies. Some of the most common ones include:

  1. Test management tools such as Jira, TestRail, and HP Quality Center
  2. Automation frameworks such as Selenium, Appium, and Cypress
  3. Programming languages such as Java, Python, and JavaScript
  4. Build tools like Maven and Gradle for automation script management
  5. Continuous Integration/Continuous Delivery (CI/CD) tools like Jenkins, Travis CI, and CircleCI
  6. Performance testing tools like JMeter and Gatling
  7. API testing tools such as Postman and SOAPUI
  8. Virtualization tools such as Docker and Vagrant

The amount of time it takes to write automation scripts can vary depending on various factors, such as the complexity of the application being tested, the experience and skill level of the automation developer, the type of automation framework being used, and the number of test cases that need to be automated.
Simple test cases with straightforward steps may take only a few hours to automate, while more complex scenarios can take days or weeks to script. It's also important to consider that automation script writing is an ongoing process that may require maintenance and updates over time, especially as the tested application evolves.
When hiring a QA automation developer, look for skills such as proficiency in automation frameworks and scripting languages, experience with test management tools and CI/CD pipelines, knowledge of software development methodologies, attention to detail, problem-solving skills, and effective communication and collaboration abilities.
  1. Planning: We define the scope of the testing project, set objectives and goals, identify risks and dependencies, and create a plan for how the testing will be conducted. This includes creating a test plan, test cases, and a schedule for executing tests.
  2. Design: We design the tests that will be executed. This includes creating test cases, determining the testing environment, and identifying necessary tools or resources.
  3. Execution: We run the tests designed in the previous phase. The results of the tests are recorded, and any identified defects or issues are documented.
  4. Reporting: The test team will analyze the results and report their findings. This includes identifying any defects or issues discovered and recommendations for addressing them.
  5. Closure: In this final phase, the project team will review the testing results and determine if the objectives and goals of the project were met. Any necessary follow-up actions will be identified and documented, and the project will be formally closed.

We support deployment and User Acceptance Testing (UAT) by following a well-defined process that includes planning, preparation, execution, and evaluation. Before deployment, we typically develop a deployment plan that includes identifying deployment risks, scheduling the deployment, and creating a rollback plan in case issues arise.
UAT involves testing the software by end-users to ensure it meets their requirements and is ready for deployment. We provide training and support to users during UAT and may also offer support services to address any issues during deployment. Throughout the process, we communicate with stakeholders to inform them of progress and any issues. We work to ensure that the deployment and UAT are completed successfully.
  1. Test cases: Detailed instructions for executing tests on software or web applications.
  2. Test plans: Overall strategy for testing a specific feature, function, or application.
  3. Bug reports: Detailed descriptions of defects found during testing, including steps to reproduce the issue.
  4. Test results: Documentation of testing outcomes, including pass/fail status and any relevant metrics.
  5. Test logs: Records of test activities, including any issues encountered, test data used, and testing environment details.
  6. Test summaries: Summaries of testing results, including key findings, recommendations, and overall conclusions.
  7. User documentation: Documentation to help users understand how to use the software, including instructions, tutorials, and FAQs.
  8. Release notes: Document changes in each software release, including new features, bug fixes, and known issues.

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