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We develop scalable and secure custom Node.js applications cost-effectively within a defined timeline. Our dedicated team of 85+ Node.js developers has expertise in full-stack development, API development, real-time application development, and serverless microservices development.

  • 9+ years in NodeJs Development with 98% on-time delivery
  • Certified NodeJs Development team
  • Fast & Cost-effective MVP Development ( 3-7 weeks)
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NodeJs Developers

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Our Services

Node Js Development Services

We provide comprehensive NodeJs development services. Our offerings cater to projects of all scales, ranging from small NodeJs MVPs and mobile apps to high-quality custom node js application development.

NodeJs Consulting & Architecture icon

NodeJs Consulting & Architecture

We provide expert guidance and support for designing, planning, and implementing Node.js applications. It includes assessing project requirements, suggesting optimal architectural patterns, providing scalability and performance recommendations, conducting code reviews, optimizing server-side JavaScript code, and ensuring best practices for Node.js development.

Custom Node.js Application Development icon

Custom Node.js Application Development

We create and implement tailored software solutions using the Node.js runtime environment. Our services involve developing customized applications, APIs, or server-side systems using the JavaScript-based Node.js framework to meet specific business requirements and enhance application performance.

Serverless NodeJS Microservices icon

Serverless NodeJS Microservices

Our microservices are small, independent, and scalable units of functionality written in Node.js that are deployed and run on a serverless computing platform. We eliminate the need for managing infrastructure, allowing developers to focus solely on writing code. We automatically scale event-driven microservices based on demand, providing a cost-effective and flexible solution for building distributed applications.

Node.js API Development icon

Node.js API Development

We design, develop and implement application programming interfaces (APIs) using Node.js. It involves creating RESTful APIs, handling HTTP requests and responses, integrating database systems, implementing authentication and authorization mechanisms, and ensuring scalability and performance for robust API development.

Real-Time Application Development icon

Real-Time Application Development

We design, develop, and implement software applications that provide real-time functionality. It involves creating real-time applications that can process and respond to data, often using event-driven architectures, streaming data processing, and real-time analytics. These services may also integrate real-time communication features like chat functionality or live data updates.

NodeJs Migration & Integration icon

NodeJs Migration & Integration

We assist in transitioning existing applications or systems to Node.js, a JavaScript runtime environment. It includes analyzing the current infrastructure, codebase, and dependencies and implementing the necessary changes to integrate and optimize the application with Node.js.

Why Us?

Why is Thinkitive the Best NodeJs Development Company?

We have in-depth knowledge and experience working with node.js, including its core concepts, event-driven architecture, and asynchronous programming model. As a top node.js development company, we have 9+ years of expertise in full-stack development: server-side (backend) and client-side (frontend) components of web applications. Our node.js developers are well-versed in developing robust APIs using Node.js. They understand RESTful principles and API design patterns and can build scalable and secure APIs to support web and mobile applications. We analyze requirements, propose solutions, communicate effectively, and work collaboratively with clients to deliver successful projects on time and within budget.


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Our NodeJS Developers Framework & Technology expertise

Our NodeJS development team has vast experience in all NodeJS technologies and frameworks and expertise in multiple databases, Real-time data processing & cloud technologies.

NodeJS Frameworks and Technologies

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Javascript Frameworks & Libraries

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Mobile Frameworks

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Start Your Project

How To Get Started with Custom NodeJs Development?


Tell us about your NodeJs project

Share your NodeJs project requirements with us. Our Subject matter experts & NodeJs experts will work on understanding your unique requirements.


Get NodeJs project quotes & timeline

Our Subject matter experts & NodeJs experts create a detailed proposal that includes the project scope, estimated timeline, and cost.


Finalized and approved scope

Our Subject matter experts & NodeJs team collaborate with clients to gather stakeholders' input, document the scope, review and refine it, and obtain final approval.


Contract Signing and kickstart

We create a contract outlining terms and deliverables before we sign it with the client to kickstart NodeJs development.


Benefits of Hiring Thinkitive NodeJs Development Team

9+ years of excellent track record

We have 9+ years of exceptional track record in delivering successful projects exceeding client expectations. Our experience extends across diverse projects, possibly encompassing various industries or sectors.

85+ Pre-vetted developers

Our NodeJs developers comprehensively understand software development principles and technologies and offer customized solutions to meet industry-specific requirements with expertise.

End-to-End Development

We create and deliver a software product, encompassing all stages from initial concept and design to coding, testing, deployment, and maintenance, ensuring a seamless workflow and offering a complete solution from start to finish.

Budget-Friendly Development Team

Our team of experienced professionals is committed to providing cost-effective Node js development services tailored to your needs. We specialize in delivering high-quality solutions without compromising quality or efficiency.

Time-Zone Flexibility & Availability

We understand that your project requires round-the-clock attention, and that's precisely what we offer. We seamlessly adapt to the client's preferred schedule, enabling effective communication, uninterrupted progress, and timely deliveries.

Effective Communication & Collaboration

Our team has the skills and tools to ensure seamless coordination throughout every project phase. By fostering clear lines of communication and encouraging active collaboration, we maximize efficiency and deliver outstanding results.

NodeJS Developers - Project Management and Collaboration Tools

Interactive Communication

When you hire NodeJS developer online, we streamline processes and workflows using communication tools, which leads to enhanced efficiency. We provide real-time updates and access to data to our stakeholders to better understand the project's progress toward a goal.

CI/CD Pipelines

We offer continuous integration and create end-to-end CI/CD pipelines by building, testing, and deploying code using agile development methodology.

UI/UX Tools

Designers use collaborative interfaces and vector-based design tools to provide intuitive design to your unique NodeJS development project.

Coordinated Project Management

Our team of NodeJS coders for hire utilizes project management tools to present reports that give stakeholders a high-level perspective of the project's progress.

Code Management

The development team uses a version control system (VCS) or subversion to track changes, manage code versions, and collaborate with team members.

Engagement Model

Engagement model for NodeJs Development

Outstanding projects delivered by NodeJS programmers

Product Promotion of a Retail Domain-Based Organization

Healthcare SAAS for Remote Patient Monitoring & Management

Automating Workflows and Scaling Applications for Healthcare Service...

Revolutionising Employee Wellbeing


Frequently Asked Questions

Still have questions ?

Node.Js is an open-source, server-side JavaScript runtime environment. It allows developers to execute JavaScript code on the server. It is used to build web applications, RESTful APIs, real-time applications such as chat applications, serverless applications, and various backend applications.

There are numerous reasons why you should use Node.Js, which are as follows:-

  1. 1. High-performance: Node Js is known for high performance and handles concurrent connections. It uses a non-blocking I/O model, which allows it to handle multiple requests simultaneously without blocking the main thread.
  2. 2. Scalability: Node js can handle many concurrent connections without affecting application performance.
  3. 3. Efficiency: Node js is a lightweight runtime environment with less memory and CPU resources than other server-side frameworks.
  4. 4. Ecosystem: Node.js has a large and dynamic ecosystem of modules and libraries, making it easier for the functionality of your project.

Node.js is being used to build various applications, such as:-

  1. Real-time chat applications
  2. Web applications
  3. Streaming applications
  4. Data-intensive applications
  5. IoT applications

Outsourcing Node js development can offer several benefits to businesses. Here are some potential advantages of outsourcing node.js development:

  1. 1. It is cost-efficient compared to hiring and maintaining an in-house development team.
  2. 2. Access to a pool of global talent who are experienced and well-versed in technology.
  3. 3. Outsourcing can expedite the development process leading to quicker delivery of node.js applications, thus helping your products or services to market faster.
  4. 4. Outsourcing allows you to scale your development team as needed.
  5. 5. Outsourcing Node.js development allows one to focus on core competencies by leaving the development tasks to experts.
Yes, it is common for Nodejs development companies to sign Non-disclosure Agreements (NDAs) with clients.
Node.js offers non-blocking, event-driven architecture, enabling efficient, scalable, and real-time applications. It utilizes JavaScript across servers and clients, reducing development complexity. Its extensive package ecosystem and active community facilitate rapid development and cross-platform compatibility.
Node.js has single-threaded performance bottlenecks, making it less suitable for CPU-intensive tasks. Its event-driven architecture can lead to complex callback structures, increasing code complexity. Additionally, handling blocking operations can impact scalability and responsiveness.
The time to complete and deliver the nodejs project depends upon the project's complexity. A detailed estimation will be provided after assessing your requirements.

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