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We provide NodeJS developers or teams, as per your requirements, from a pool of 85+ certified NodeJS programmers who are experts in developing web, mobile, and desktop applications.

  • Certified In-house team with 5+ years of average exp.
  • Flexible, cost-effective hiring on hourly or monthly
  • 100% clean code with source code protection

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NodeJS Developers

Dedicated nodejs developer India for hire

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Hire Dedicated NodeJS developers in 3 simple steps



Client sharing requirement to hire dedicated node js developers with the Thinkitive sales team

Share project requirements

Share your NodeJs project requirement. Our subject matter expert team will understand the needs and share the best matching candidate's CVs.


Review CVs of in-house node js developers for hire

Interview and evaluate candidates

Evaluate NodeJs developers based on technical and soft skills. Choose developers that best suit your project requirements.


Sign an NDA and onboard dedicated nodejs developer

Onboard Resource or Team

Onboard NodeJS developers in the next 48 hours by signing NDA and Service Level Agreements.

Build a Complete Nodejs Project team On-demand

Efficiently assemble a skilled node js development team tailored to your project needs. We offer on-demand hiring solutions as if they were your in-house developers.

300+ Technology Experts

We are a big family of 300+ technology experts with in-depth technology and domain understanding. We empower businesses to create teams of any size, ranging from 1-2 members to over 50 members, all within a single umbrella.

End to End Development

Our services encompass every facet of software development, including consultation, design, business analysis, development, DevOps, and testing. In addition, we offer ongoing support and maintenance for software systems.

Pre-Vetted Candidates

Our node js developers for hire undergo a screening or evaluation before being recommended or hired. It involves various assessments of their technical skills, hacker rank testing, and certification to ensure they fit the job well.

Budget Friendly

We offer a competitive hiring rate as 100% of our team is in-house, guaranteeing maximum efficiency while minimizing costs. We offer a 15-day free trial before you hire node js app developers without any commitments.

Profile of a backend developer and frontend developer along with full stack developer

Ready To Take Your Business To New Heights With Our NodeJs Developers?

Don't settle for less - hire remote Node js developer who are an expert in their field and can deliver quality results. Contact us to get started.

Services We Offer


Build robust backend solutions using NodeJS & node-based frameworks. Our Node js developers offer custom NodeJS development services as per requirements.

In-depth Domain Expertise - Thinkitive

NodeJS Consulting and Architecture

Our subject matter expert collaborates with you to understand product requirements. We create a complete end-to-end architecture by integrating the backend with the latest frontend technologies, APIs, and databases. By considering the strength and advantages of NodeJS, we craft your application for scale and robustness.

Ready-to-use Components - Thinkitive

NodeJS Web Development

Our services include web application development with the latest NodeJS Frameworks such as ExpressJS, loopback, SailsJS, BackboneJS, HapiJS, etc. We use a tested framework to speed up web development and reduce downtime.

Third Party Integration - Thinkitive

Full Stack NodeJS Development

We develop web applications and software systems using the node.js framework on both the front and back-end. We use javascript and related technologies like HTML, CSS, and ReactJS to develop the user interface. We are proficient in using Node.js, Express.js, MongoDB, or other databases to handle server-side operations and database management.

Affordable Telemedicine Solutions - Thinkitive

MEAN Stack App Development

We build scalable, fast, and robust web applications using MEAN stack development. MEAN stands for MongoDB, ExpressJS, AngularJS & NodeJS, which are used in the Backend & Frontend development. Our developers' work on MERN consists of four open-source technologies: MongoDB, ExpressJS, ReactJS, and NodeJS.

Fully Customized Solutions - Thinkitive

MERN Stack App Development

We create full-stack web applications using MERN stack web development. MERN consists of four open-source technologies: MongoDB, ExpressJS, ReactJS, and NodeJS. Our developers build scalable and efficient web applications for a seamless flow of data between the front end and back end.

Timely Delivery - Thinkitive

NodeJS Migration and Integration

Our NodeJS migration services ensure that your apps always run the most updated NodeJS version. It allows you to take advantage of the newer versions and performance improvements.

NodeJS Development Technologies & Frameworks

Backend Technologies

NodeJS Technologies

ExpressJS, Hapi.js, Socket.io, Sails.js, Meteor.js, Loopback.io, MEAN

Frontend Technologies

Persistence/ORM Tools

Sequelize, TypeORM

Mobile Technologies


Enterprise, SOA, Microservices (moleculer, senecajs)

Cloud Technologies

UI Frameworks

ReactJS, AngularJS, Angular, VueJS, JQuery

DevOps & Testing


PostgreSQL, Oracle, MySQL, Microsoft SQL Server, MongoDB, Microsoft HD Insight

NodeJS Technologies

  • dart ExpressJS
  • vscode Hapi.js
  • xcode-icon Socket.io
  • xcode-icon Sails.js
  • xcode-icon Meteor.js
  • xcode-icon Loopback.io
  • xcode-icon MEAN


  • dart Enterprise
  • vscode SOA
  • xcode-icon Microservices


  • dart PostgreSQL
  • vscode Oracle
  • xcode-icon MySQL
  • xcode-icon Microsoft SQL
  • xcode-icon MongoDB
  • xcode-icon Microsoft HD

Persistence/ORM Tools

  • dart Sequelize
  • vscode TypeORM

UI Frameworks

  • dart ReactJS
  • vscode AngularJS
  • swift VueJS
  • objective-c JQuery

Benefits Of Hiring Our NodeJs Developers Team

Free Manager Services

We assign a free project manager irrespective of the number of Node Js developers you hire. The project manager will be responsible for project planning, timeline, and defining project goals and deliverables. The project manager will ensure you get quality output throughout your engagement with Thinkitive.

Monitor Project Progress

Ensure Client Satisfaction

Accountable for Deliverables

Tablet view of project manager having a video call with the client sharing details of the project timeline and goals.

Daily & Monthly Timesheet Updates

We furnish daily reports and timesheets summarizing tasks completed, roadblocks faced, and project milestones achieved. A detailed timesheet is shared at month-end to evaluate team tasks and hours spent per task, enabling you to assess payment based on work completed.

Track & Evaluate Progress

Pay only for Quality Work

Manage Time Effectively

Monthly timesheet of completed tasks-along with the exact number of hours required to complete each task.

Talent Replacement Policy

For any reason, a node js developers we have placed with your company does not satisfy your expectations or the developer is unavailable due to unavoidable circumstances. We keep 10% backup resources that can immediately replace existing developers with the same level of expertise without interrupting your project progress.

Free Developer Replacement

Minimising Project Disruption

Replace Resources in the Week

Resume of NodeJs programmer for hire.

Effective Project Management and Collaboration Tools

Interactive Communication

We streamline processes and workflows using communication tools, which leads to enhanced efficiency. We provide real-time updates and access to data to our stakeholders to better understand the project's progress toward a goal.

CI/CD Pipelines

We offer continuous integration and create end-to-end CI/CD pipelines by building, testing, and deploying code using agile development methodology.

UI/UX Tools

Designers use collaborative interfaces and vector-based design tools to provide intuitive design to your unique NodeJs development project.

Coordinated Project Management

Our team of NodeJs developers utilizes project management tools to present reports that give stakeholders a high-level perspective of the project's progress.

Code Management

Our nodejs developers uses a version control system (VCS) or subversion to track changes, manage code versions, and collaborate with team members.

Why Hire a Nodejs Developer from Thinkitive?


We have a pool of 85+ proficient Nodejs developers with an average of 5+ years of experience in Nodejs technologies and related tools. We have vast experience working with Node.js and delivering successful projects using this technology.
We have a robust development process to ensure the final product is high quality and meets the client's requirements. We offer competitive pricing for Node.js development services without compromising quality. Our proven track record of successful project completion within the given timelines.


Experience NodeJS Developers


Successful Project Delivered


Client Retention Rate


Cost Reduction

A team of NodeJs Developers discussing the project development

Comparison Analysis

Time To Hire


Typical employment

Freelance developers

Time To Hire

72 Hours

1-4 Months

5-6 Weeks

Pre-Screen Candidates


Typical employment

Freelance developers

Pre-Screen Candidates

Hiring Costing


Typical employment

Freelance developers

Hiring Costing




Documentation & Security


Typical employment

Freelance developers

Documentation & Security



Typical employment

Freelance developers



Long-term costly

High Cost

Quality Guarantee


Typical employment

Freelance developers

Quality Guarantee

Failure Rate


Typical employment

Freelance developers

Failure Rate

Very Low


Very High



Typical employment

Freelance developers



No Overlap

No Overlap

Engagement Model For Hiring Nodejs Developers


Time To Hire NodeJs Experts To Boost Your Business To The Next Level!

Revolutionize your web app development process with our NodeJs specialists and bring your vision to life.

Hire NodeJS Developer As Per Your Need

Simple & Transparent Pricing | Fully Signed NDA | Code Security | Easy Exit Policy


Hourly (USD)

We’ll provide a fully signed NDA for your Project’s confidentiality


Monthly (USD)

3 to 5 Years of Exp. NodeJS Developer - 160 hours

Fixed Cost

Get a Free Estimation based on Your Custom Requirements

Thinkitive Hiring Model


Thinkitive- Hiring


Full-Time Hourly

Part-Time Hourly

Daily Hours 8 hours 8 hours 4+ Hours
Hiring Models ≥3 months ≥2 months ≥1 month
Hiring Benefits 5% Discount 1% Discount None
Payments Fixed monthly pay Based on Hours Based on hours

NodeJS Case Studies



Product Promotion of a Retail Domain-Based Organization

Thinkitive developed a web app for US retail client to connect vendors, customers, and affiliates for custom products. Agile, bug-free...


Healthcare SAAS for Remote Patient Monitoring & Management.

Thinkitive created a patient management system for a US-based SAAS healthcare client with remote care services, reducing costs...


Contract Lifecycle Management and Automating Analytics

Contract Lifecycle Management was modernized, bugs were fixed, and PRs in Insights & Analytics were automated using Jenkins...

Frequently Asked Questions

NodeJS is an open-source, cross-platform, server-side runtime environment built on Chrome's V8 JavaScript engine. It allows developers to build scalable network applications using JavaScript. NodeJS can be used to develop web servers, real-time chat applications, streaming applications, and many other web applications.
NodeJS is a powerful server-side JavaScript runtime that offers several benefits for web development. One of its main advantages is its ability to handle high levels of concurrency, making it well-suited for applications that require real-time updates and scalability. Hire node js application development with its extensive ecosystem of modules and packages.

Depending on project’s specific requirements, developers use various libraries and frameworks for NodeJS development. Here are some popular options:

  1. Express: A lightweight framework for building web applications and APIs.
  2. Socket.io: A real-time engine that enables bidirectional communication between client and server.
  3. Mongoose: An Object-Document Mapping (ODM) library for MongoDB provides an easier way to work with data models.
  4. Passport: An authentication middleware for Node.js that supports various authentication strategies, including OAuth and JWT.
  5. Winston: A logging library that provides a flexible and configurable way to handle logging in Node.js applications.
  6. Async: A utility library that provides powerful functions for working with asynchronous JavaScript, such as async/await and Promises.
  7. Cheerio: A library that provides a simple and flexible way to parse and manipulate HTML and XML documents using jQuery syntax.

Indeed, we require signing Non-Disclosure Agreements (NDA) and Intellectual Property protection rights to safeguard the confidential information shared by both parties for a particular purpose. We understand the significance of maintaining the client's project material security and confidentiality.
Moreover, our organization has different legal and compliance teams to guarantee that all members understand the security compliance and confidentiality policies.
Looking for top-notch node js developers for hire?
We provide a comprehensive solution for your nodejs project requirements. Hire node developer who are proficient and knowledgeable in designing and delivering web applications that are scalable, high-performing, and tailored to meet your specific needs, surpassing your expectations.
When hire node developer, look for skills in JavaScript, NodeJS frameworks like Express, server-side rendering, API development, databases like MongoDB, testing frameworks like Mocha, and DevOps tools like Docker. Good communication skills and problem-solving abilities are also valuable.
The average rate to hire Nodejs developers ranges between $18 and $28 per hour. It can fluctuate based on the developer's experience, project demands, and location. We also offer a fixed-price engagement model for those with predefined NodeJS project requirements. Contact us to find node js developer for your project today!
Thinkitive's NodeJS development services stand out for several reasons. Initially, we have a team of skilled and expert Node JS developers adept at building scalable and robust applications using the latest frameworks and tools.
Additionally, we follow an agile development methodology that ensures a collaborative and transparent approach throughout the project lifecycle. We also prioritize continuous testing and integration to guarantee a high-quality end product.
Moreover, we offer flexible engagement models tailored to our client's specific needs, whether it's a fixed-price or dedicated team model. We are committed to delivering on time and within budget, ensuring our clients' satisfaction with the final product.
Lastly, we intensely focus on customer service, with a dedicated support team available around the clock to address any queries or concerns.
The duration to commence a NodeJS development project depends on factors like project complexity and size. It may take up to 48 hours to initiate such projects. The development team has to set up their environment, install software and tools, and understand project requirements and design.
If you're dissatisfied with our NodeJS resources, we have a 10% resource backup. We'll promptly replace the NodeJS developer with the same expertise and skill set.
We use project management tools like Jira, Trello, or Asana to track and update progress. It allows us to promptly adhere to the project plan and identify and resolve issues.
  1. Project Initiation: In this phase, We define the project's scope, objectives, and requirements and set up the project team. It involves creating a charter outlining the project's purpose, goals, stakeholders, and constraints.
  2. Planning: We create a detailed project plan, which outlines the project's schedule, budget, resources, and tasks. Our team identify and document the project risks and how to mitigate them. The planning stage also involves selecting a project management methodology and tools.
  3. Execution: This phase involves implementing the project plan, and the NodeJs Development team will start working on the project's deliverables. We work closely with the client to ensure that the project meets their requirements, and the project manager will monitor the project's progress, ensuring that it is on track and managing any issues that arise.
  4. Monitoring and Control: During this phase, the team will monitor the project's progress and compare it against the project plan. The project manager will adjust the project plan as needed to ensure the project remains on track. The team will also document any changes made to the project plan.
  5. Closure: In this final stage, the project is completed, and the team will deliver the project's final product or service. The team will conduct a post-project review to evaluate the project's success and document lessons learned. We close the project, including finalizing financial transactions and archiving project documentation.

We employ various measures to ensure the code and work quality of NodeJS development work. These include adhering to coding standards and best practices, code reviews, automated testing, and continuous integration and delivery. In addition to that, we also have a quality assurance team that performs manual testing and validates that the application meets the specified requirements. Regular communication with the client throughout the project life cycle ensures that the final product meets their expectations.
We offer post-launch support and maintenance services, including bug fixes, security updates, performance optimization, feature enhancements, and technical support. The Service Level Agreement (SLA) defines the scope and duration of support, outlining the terms of the arrangement.
It takes 48 hrs to hire node js programmers from Thinkitive.
Indeed, it is possible to hire dedicated Node.Js developers for project-oriented assignments. Hire offshore dedicated node.js developers with hourly and project-based commitments. You can engage them to perform a particular job or responsibility, and they will work solely for you for the project's duration.

We provide a wide range of services related to NodeJS development. It includes.

  1. NodeJS Consulting and Architecture
  2. NodeJS Web Development
  3. Full Stack NodeJS Development
  4. MEAN Stack App Development
  5. MERN Stack App Development
  6. NodeJS Migration and Integration

At Thinkitive, we have a team of expert node js developers with an average experience of over five years. Hire Node js experts experienced in creating scalable and robust web applications using the latest node js tools and technologies while delivering quality services and on-time project completion.
Contact us to hire senior node js developers today!

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If you have specific requirements then Managed Services comes in handy, The project is led by a project manager who gets work done internally.