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We provide Flutter developers or teams, as per your requirements, from a pool of 12+ certified Flutter programmers who are experts in developing web, mobile, and desktop applications.

  • Certified In-house team with 5+ years of average exp.
  • Flexible, cost-effective hiring on hourly or monthly
  • 100% clean code with source code protection

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Flutter Developers

Dedicated flutter developer available for hire

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Hire Dedicated ReactNative Developer in 3 Steps



Client sharing flutter application development requirement with Thinkitive sales team

Share project requirements

Share your Flutter Development requirement. Our subject matter expert team will understand the needs and share the best matching candidate's CVs.


Review in-house Flutter developers' CVs

Interview and evaluate candidates

Evaluate Flutter developers based on technical and soft skills. Choose developers that best suit your project requirements.


Sign an NDA and onboard a dedicated Flutter developer

Onboard Resource or Team

Onboard Flutter Developers in the next 48 hours by signing NDA and Service Level Agreements.

Build a Complete Project team On-demand

Efficiently assemble a skilled Flutter development team tailored to your project needs. We offer on-demand hiring solutions as if they were your in-house developers.

300+ Technology Experts

We are a big family of 300+ technology experts with in-depth technology and domain understanding. We empower businesses to create teams of any size, ranging from 1-2 members to over 50 members, all within a single umbrella.

End to End Development

Our services encompass every facet of software development, including consultation, design, business analysis, development, DevOps, and testing. In addition, we offer ongoing support and maintenance for software systems.

Pre-Vetted Candidates

Our Flutter app developers for hire undergo a screening or evaluation process before being recommended or hired. It involves various assessments of their technical skills, hacker rank testing, and certification to ensure they fit the job well.

Budget Friendly

We offer a competitive hiring rate as 100% of our team is in-house, guaranteeing maximum efficiency while minimizing costs. We offer a 15-day free trial before you hire Flutter app developers without any commitments.

Profile of a 3 Certified Flutter Developers

Revolutionize your app experience.

Our Flutter developers are experts in crafting seamless, high-performance apps to bring your app idea to life.

Our Flutter development services


Our flutter app development services offer a comprehensive strategy to develop the finest web and mobile-based business apps. Explore our flutter development services.

In-depth Domain Expertise - Thinkitive

Flutter Consulting Services

Our flutter consulting services deliver the best consultation and solutions for your business. Our flutter specialists can assist you in analyzing your present setup and developing custom flutter apps for cutting-edge performance.

Ready-to-use Components - Thinkitive

Flutter App Design Services

Hire UI/UX experts to develop a result-oriented approach and build aesthetically engaging interfaces. From visual design to information usability to architecture, we have you covered in all domains. Hire Flutter app developer to design visually pleasing applications.

Third Party Integration - Thinkitive

Cross-platform App Development

Our developers have extensive Flutter app development expertise. They can create safe, scalable, and top-notch web and mobile apps for Android and iOS. We deliver a high-performance and delightful user experience.

Affordable Telemedicine Solutions - Thinkitive

Advanced and Native App Development

Flutter provides the flexibility needed for native app performance. Our Flutter developers are skilled in integrating native features of local devices. It assists in getting the appearance and feel of a native app.

Fully Customized Solutions - Thinkitive

Flutter App Upgrade

We can assist you with migrating to the most recent version of flutter for improved performance and security upgrades.

Timely Delivery - Thinkitive

Flutter Testing

Our Flutter Testing Services are designed to meet the specific requirements of each business. We use an end-to-end ecosystem approach with sophisticated and automated QA methods to achieve quality and speed. Our QA outsourcing services professionals are well-versed in testing domains' latest trends, tools, and methodologies.

Technologies use to Develop Custom Mobile Apps

Mobile Platforms

Mobile Platforms

Android, iOS, Windows

Programming Languages

Programming Languages

Java, Objective C, Swift, JavaScript, Kotlin.

Mobile Frameworks

Mobile Frameworks

Android, iOS, Cordova, PhoneGap, Ionic, React-native, Flutter, Swift, Xamarin.



PostgreSQL, Oracle, MySQL, Microsoft SQL Server, MongoDB.

Mobile Platforms

  • dart Android
  • vscode iOS
  • xcode-icon Windows

Mobile Frameworks

  • dart Android
  • vscode iOS
  • xcode-icon Cordova
  • swift PhoneGap
  • objective-c Ionic
  • android-studio React-native
  • java Flutter
  • kotlin Swift
  • kotlin Xamarin

Programming Languages

  • dart Java
  • vscode Objective C
  • xcode-icon Swift
  • xcode-icon JavaScript
  • xcode-icon Kotlin


  • dart PostgreSQL
  • vscode Oracle
  • xcode-icon MySQL
  • swift Microsoft SQL
  • swift MongoDB

Benefits of out-sourcing Flutter Developers from us

Free Manager Services

We assign a free project manager irrespective of the number of Flutter resources you hire. The project manager will be responsible for project planning, timeline, and defining project goals and deliverables. The project manager will ensure you get quality output throughout your engagement with Thinkitive.

Monitor Project Progress

Ensure Client Satisfaction

Accountable for Deliverables

Tablet view of project manager having a video call with the client sharing details of the project timeline and goals.

Daily & Monthly Timesheet Updates

We furnish daily reports and timesheets summarizing tasks completed, roadblocks faced, and project milestones achieved. A detailed timesheet is shared at month-end to evaluate team tasks and hours spent per task, enabling you to assess payment based on work completed.

Track & Evaluate Progress

Pay only for Quality Work

Manage Time Effectively

Monthly timesheet of completed tasks-along with the exact number of hours required to complete each task

Talent Replacement Policy

For any reason, a Flutter developer we have placed with your company does not satisfy your expectations or the developer is unavailable due to unavoidable circumstances. We keep 10% backup resources that can immediately replace existing developers with the same level of expertise without interrupting your project progress.

Free Developer Replacement

Minimising Project Disruption

Replace Resources in the Week

Resume of Flutter app developer for hire

Effective Project Management and Collaboration Tools

Interactive Communication

We streamline processes and workflows using communication tools, which leads to enhanced efficiency. We provide real-time updates and access to data to our stakeholders to better understand the project's progress toward a goal.

CI/CD Pipelines

We offer continuous integration and create end-to-end CI/CD pipelines by building, testing, and deploying code using agile development methodology.

UI/UX Tools

Designers use collaborative interfaces and vector-based design tools to provide intuitive design to your unique Flutter development project.

Coordinated Project Management

Our team of Flutter developers utilizes project management tools to present reports that give stakeholders a high-level perspective of the project's progress.

Code Management

The development team uses a version control system (VCS) or subversion to track changes, manage code versions, and collaborate with team members.

Why Hire Flutter developers from Thinkitive?


Thinkitive is the leading Flutter app development company. We assist businesses in creating high-quality cross-platform software to improve automation and process management. Hire our skilled flutter app developers to create enterprise-level mobile apps. Our incredibly trustworthy and exceptional flutter mobile app developers give your company the following advantages.


Experience Flutter Developer


Successful Project Delivered


Client Retention Rate


Cost Reduction

A team of expert Flutter developers discussing the project development plan

Comparison Analysis

Time To Hire


Typical employment

Freelance developers

Time To Hire

72 Hours

1-4 Months

5-6 Weeks

Pre-Screen Candidates


Typical employment

Freelance developers

Pre-Screen Candidates

Hiring Costing


Typical employment

Freelance developers

Hiring Costing




Documentation & Security


Typical employment

Freelance developers

Documentation & Security



Typical employment

Freelance developers



Long-term costly

High Cost

Quality Guarantee


Typical employment

Freelance developers

Quality Guarantee

Failure Rate


Typical employment

Freelance developers

Failure Rate

Very Low


Very High



Typical employment

Freelance developers



No Overlap

No Overlap

Hire Flutter Developer as per your need

Simple & Transparent Pricing | Fully Signed NDA | Code Security | Easy Exit Policy


Hourly (USD)

We’ll provide a fully signed NDA for your Project’s confidentiality


Monthly (USD)

3 to 5 Years of Exp. Flutter Developer - 160 hours

Fixed Cost

Get a Free Estimation based on Your Custom Requirements

Engagement Model For Hiring Flutter Developers


Create a cross-platform app that stands out.

Our Flutter Developers are passionate about creating stunning, functional apps. Hire a dedicated team of Flutter Developers.

Thinkitive Hiring Model


Thinkitive- Hiring


Full-Time Hourly

Part-Time Hourly

Daily Hours 8 hours 8 hours 4+ Hours
Hiring Models ≥3 months ≥2 months ≥1 month
Hiring Benefits 5% Discount 1% Discount None
Payments Fixed monthly pay Based on Hours Based on hours

Frequently Ask Questions

A Flutter developer creates mobile, web, and desktop applications using the Flutter framework, which uses a single codebase to produce high-performance, visually appealing, and feature-rich applications for multiple platforms. The developer works with various programming languages, including Dart, and integrates libraries and APIs to build robust applications.
Flutter is a great choice for developing cross-platform apps that must be deployed on both iOS and Android platforms. It offers faster development time, better performance, and a more cohesive user interface than other cross-platform frameworks. However, if you need access to specific platform features or require highly optimized performance, native development might be a better choice. Ultimately, the decision depends on your specific needs and priorities.
Flutter apps are developed using the Flutter SDK, which includes the Dart programming language, the Flutter framework, and various command-line tools such as Flutter CLI and Flutter Doctor. Additionally, developers can use various IDEs such as Android Studio, VS Code, and IntelliJ IDEA, along with various plugins and packages available in the Flutter ecosystem.

We use various design and development principles when developing Flutter apps, including:

  1. Material Design: This design language developed by Google emphasizes a consistent user experience across platforms.
  2. Agile Methodology: This iterative and collaborative approach to software development emphasizes flexibility, customer satisfaction, and continuous improvement.
  3. Test-driven development: This software development process emphasizes writing automated tests before writing the actual code.
  4. Clean Architecture: This software design pattern emphasizes separation of concerns and the use of loosely coupled, independent components.
  5. Responsive Design: This approach to design ensures that the user interface adapts to different screen sizes and orientations.
  6. Continuous Integration and Delivery: This set of practices ensures that software is built, tested, and deployed quickly and reliably.

When hiring a Flutter developer, here are some skills and qualifications to look for:

  1. Proficiency in Dart programming language
  2. Strong knowledge of Flutter framework and SDK
  3. Experience with cross-platform mobile app development
  4. Understanding of Material Design guidelines and principles
  5. Familiarity with state management libraries such as Provider or Bloc
  6. Experience with APIs and third-party integrations
  7. Knowledge of Git version control system
  8. Familiarity with agile development methodologies
  9. Good problem-solving and analytical skills
  10. Strong communication and collaboration skills

Hire a Flutter developer from Thinkitive in 3 simple steps:

  1. Share your Flutter project requirements, and we will share the Flutter developers' CVs.
  2. Conduct in-depth interviews with top Flutter developers to test technical skills through coding challenges or projects.
  3. On-board the best Flutter developers within 48hrs after signing NDA

Reach out to hire Flutter programmers today. Get in touch with us.

Our in-house Flutter developer resources are dependable, and their work will likely meet your expectations. If you require a change, we offer a 10% resource backup. This implies that we can promptly replace the Flutter developer with another resource with equivalent expertise and skills to guarantee your contentment.

We use various techniques and tools to ensure the code quality of Flutter apps, including:

  1. Code reviews: This involves having other developers on the team review the code to identify potential issues, bugs, or inefficiencies.
  2. Automated testing: Companies use tools like Flutter's built-in testing framework or third-party testing frameworks like Mockito to write automated tests that check the app's functionality.
  3. Static code analysis: Companies use tools like Dart's static analysis tool or third-party tools like SonarLint to analyze the code for potential issues, such as unused variables, inefficient code, or potential bugs.
  4. Continuous integration and deployment: Companies use tools like Jenkins or Travis CI to automate the process of building, testing, and deploying the app, ensuring that new code changes are thoroughly tested and integrated into the app.
  5. Best practices and coding standards: Companies follow best practices and coding standards to ensure that the code is consistent and maintainable, making it easier to find and fix issues as they arise.
  6. User feedback and testing: Companies gather feedback from users to identify potential issues or areas for improvement in the app, ensuring that the code is of high quality and meets the target audience's needs.

After the project goes live, we provide:

  1. Extensive support and maintenance services.
  2. Encompassing bug rectifications, and performance tuning.
  3. Security upgrades.
  4. Feature upgrades.
  5. Continuous technical assistance.

The precise extent and timeframe of these services are usually established in the Service Level Agreement (SLA), which sets forth the particulars of the support agreement.

We offer range of Flutter development services which includes

  1. Flutter Consulting Services- We provide expert advice and guidance to clients on utilizing Flutter technology for their business needs.
  2. Flutter App Design Services- We design visually appealing and user-friendly applications using the Flutter framework.
  3. Cross-platform App Development- We develop cross-platform apps that run on multiple operating systems.
  4. Advanced and Native App Development- We emphasize building advanced and native apps using Flutter for optimal performance.
  5. Flutter App Upgrade- We upgrade existing Flutter apps to the latest version to enhance functionality.
  6. Flutter Testing- We test Flutter apps to ensure they are error-free and meet client requirements.
  7. Flutter App Maintenance and Support- We provide ongoing maintenance and support services to keep Flutter apps running smoothly.

The average cost of hiring a Flutter Developer from Thinkitive ranges from $18 to $28 per hour.
To safeguard the confidentiality of information exchanged between both parties for a particular objective, we require signing Non-Disclosure Agreements (NDAs) and protecting Intellectual Property rights. We acknowledge the significance of preserving the security and confidentiality of our clients' project materials. Additionally, our company has specialized legal and compliance teams that ensure all members comply with our security, compliance, and confidentiality policies.

Our Flutter Project management process are as follows:

  1. Requirements gathering and analysis: The project team analyzes the client's requirements to understand their business needs and goals.
  2. Planning and estimation: The team then creates a project plan and estimates the time, effort, and resources required for development.
  3. Design and prototyping: Based on the requirements, the team designs and creates a prototype of the app to give the client an idea of how the final product will look and function.
  4. Development and testing: The actual development process begins when the team writes the code and tests the app to ensure it meets the client's requirements and is free of bugs.
  5. Deployment and launch: Once the app is fully developed and tested, it is deployed on the app stores or servers and launched to the public.
  6. Maintenance and support: The team provides ongoing maintenance and support services to ensure the app remains up-to-date, secure, and functioning correctly.

We employ project management tools such as Jira, Trello, or Asana to monitor and update the project's advancement. This enables us to adhere to the project timeline, swiftly detect and tackle issues.

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If you have specific requirements then Managed Services comes in handy, The project is led by a project manager who gets work done internally.