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Transforming Ideas into Intelligent Solutions. We specialize in AI-driven software development, offering innovative applications, machine learning solutions, and expert consulting to empower businesses for the future.

  • 9+ years in AI Development with 98% on-time Delivery
  • 100% in-house AI Development team
  • Fast & Cost-effective MVP Development ( 3-7 weeks)
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AI Development Services

We provide comprehensive AI software development services encompassing AI Consultation, architecture, application development, and deployment. We tailored solutions for automation, machine learning, and AI-driven growth.

AI Model Development icon

AI Model Development

Our AI Model Development services include data preprocessing, feature engineering, algorithm selection, model training, hyperparameter tuning, and evaluation. We also provide deep learning, machine learning, NLP, computer vision, and reinforcement learning expertise. We offer customized solutions for specific business needs, deployment strategies, and ongoing model maintenance and optimization to ensure effective and efficient AI solutions.

AI Strategy & Consultation icon

AI Strategy & Consultation

Our AI strategy and consultation services include in-depth business needs analysis, industry trends, and technological possibilities. We provide tailored AI roadmaps, helping clients define objectives, select suitable AI technologies, and allocate resources effectively. We also assist in risk assessment, ethical consideration, and regulatory compliance, ensuring a successful AI implementation strategy.

Data Preprocessing & Analysis icon

Data Preprocessing & Analysis

Our data preprocessing and analysis services in AI development include data cleaning, transformation, and integration. We employ advanced techniques to handle missing values, outliers, and noise, ensuring data quality. We derive meaningful insights, patterns, and trends from the data through exploratory data analysis and statistical methods. We utilize ML algorithms for predictive modeling and classification tasks, enabling data-driven decision-making and improved business strategies.

Custom AI Solutions icon

Custom AI Solutions

Our custom AI solutions include consultancy, design, development, and deployment. We create custom machine learning and deep learning models, optimize algorithms, and integrate AI into existing systems. It includes NLP, computer vision, predictive analytics, and recommendation systems. We also do data preprocessing, model training, validation, and ongoing maintenance, ensuring clients harness AI's potential for unique business needs while staying updated with technological advancements.

LLM Fine Tuning icon

LLM Fine Tuning

We offer LLM (Large Language Model) fine-tuning services to tailor pre-trained models for specific applications. We custom models by refining their performance, adapting to specialized domains, and incorporating client-specific data. Fine-tuning optimizes responses, enhances relevance, and ensures the ethical use of AI. This process enables companies to create more accurate, context-aware, and industry-specific AI applications like chatbots, content generation, and more.

ChatBot Development on Private Data icon

ChatBot Development on Private Data

We design, build, and deploy customized ChatBots capable of handling user interactions while safeguarding sensitive information. It includes data encryption, secure storage, and compliance with privacy regulations. Our services include natural language processing, user experience design, integration with backend systems, and continuous improvement through data-driven insights, ensuring efficient communication and data protection in ChatBot's interactions.

Automation with AI icon

Automation with AI

We offer end-to-end automation solutions powered by AI. It includes process analysis, data collection, model development, and integration of AI algorithms into existing systems. We specialize in creating custom AI-driven automation tools, robotic process automation (RPA), and predictive analytics to enhance operational efficiency, reduce errors, and optimize decision-making across various industries.

AI Proof of Concept Development icon

AI Proof of Concept Development

We offer end-to-end automation solutions powered by AI. It includes process analysis, data collection, model development, and integration of AI algorithms into existing systems.

Why Us?

Why is Thinkitive the Best AI Development Company?

As a leading AI development company, we have a strong track record of 9+ years in machine learning, deep learning, natural language processing, computer vision, and data analytics. Our AI developers have experience in creating scalable and efficient AI solutions and provide end-to-end services, including data collection, model development, deployment, and ongoing support. We have expertise in various industry verticals and deliver successful projects on time and within budget.


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Start Your Project

How To Get Started with Custom AI Development?


Tell us about your AI project

Share your AI project requirement with us. Our Subject matter & AI experts will work on understanding your unique requirements.


Get AI project quotes & timeline

Our Subject matter & AI experts create a detailed proposal that includes the project scope, estimated timeline, and cost.


Finalized and approved scope

Our Subject matter & AI team collaborates with clients to gather stakeholders' input, document the scope, review and refine it, and obtain final approval.


Contract Signing and kickstart

We create a contract outlining terms and deliverables before we sign it with the client to kickstart AI development.


Benefits of Thinkitive AI Software Development Services

9+ years of excellent track-record

As a leading AI software development company, we have 9+ years of exceptional track record in delivering successful projects exceeding client expectations. Our experience extends across diverse projects, possibly encompassing various industries or sectors.

22+ Pre-vetted Candidates

Our AI developers have expertise in machine learning, neural networks, data science, programming languages (Python, etc.), and domain-specific knowledge to design, develop, and deploy artificial intelligence systems effectively.

End-to-End Development

We create, deploy, and maintain artificial intelligence systems. It involves problem definition, data collection, preprocessing, model selection and training, evaluation, deployment, and ongoing monitoring and refinement to ensure the AI solution's effectiveness and reliability.

Budget-Friendly Development Team

Our team of experienced professionals is committed to providing cost-effective development services tailored to meet your specific needs. We specialize in delivering high-quality solutions without compromising quality or efficiency.

Time-Zone Flexibility & Availability

We understand that your project requires round-the-clock attention, and that's precisely what we offer. We seamlessly adapt to the client's preferred schedule, enabling effective communication, uninterrupted progress, and timely deliveries.

Effective Communication & Collaboration

Our team is equipped with the essential skills and tools to ensure seamless coordination throughout every project phase. By fostering clear lines of communication and encouraging active collaboration, we maximize efficiency and deliver outstanding results.

Thinkitive Hiring Model- Engagement and onboarding

Interactive Communication

When you hire AI developer online, we streamline processes and workflows using communication tools, which leads to enhanced efficiency. We provide real-time updates and access to data to our stakeholders to better understand the project's progress toward a goal.

CI/CD Pipelines

We offer continuous integration and create end-to-end CI/CD pipelines by building, testing, and deploying code using agile development methodology.

UI/UX Tools

Designers use collaborative interfaces and vector-based design tools to provide intuitive design to your unique AI development project.

Coordinated Project Management

Our team of AI coders for hire utilizes project management tools to present reports that give stakeholders a high-level perspective of the project's progress.

Code Management

The development team uses a version control system (VCS) or subversion to track changes, manage code versions, and collaborate with team members.

Engagement Model

Engagement model for AI Development

What our client says about our AI Developers


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Billing Assistant

Platform make a use of live video conferencing, peer-to-peer text communication and dynamic educational content to empower medical...


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HealthCare Chatbot

Platform seamless connect to EHRs to sync Provider, Patient, Appointments, Encounters and SOAP Notes without need to going into EHR UI...


Card Image

Speech to Text

Simplify the administration, management and billing of your CCM clinical services program, while boosting your ROI. Additionally, improved outcomes and achieve...


Frequently Asked Questions

Still have questions ?

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is a branch of computer science that focuses on creating intelligent systems capable of performing tasks that typically require human intelligence. It involves developing algorithms and models that enable machines to learn from data, reason, make decisions, and solve complex problems. AI encompasses various subfields like machine learning, natural language processing, computer vision, and robotics.
AI developers design, develop, and implement artificial intelligence systems and applications. They work on tasks such as data preprocessing, algorithm selection, model training, testing, and deployment. They aim to create intelligent software that can analyze data, learn from it, and make predictions or decisions autonomously.
AI engineers use various technologies, including machine learning frameworks like TensorFlow and PyTorch, programming languages like Python and R, cloud computing platforms like AWS and Azure, natural language processing libraries, and data visualization tools.

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