Benefits of Developing Custom EMR Software for Psychiatric Assessment

meta-2-1024x538 Benefits of Developing Custom EMR Software for Psychiatric Assessment

A psychiatric assessment contains both mental and physical health examinations. If Psychiatric EMR software is custom, it will be beneficial to provide templates. Using custom templates for assessment and all other activities in mental health services can reduce the provider’s time and enable them to spend more time with patients. To complete the requirements, Psychiatric EMR is the best option. Customizable Psychiatric EMR provides more benefits than generic EMR.

Why use a custom EMR for Psychiatric Assessment?

A psychiatric assessment is a way to evaluate the patient’s mental health and physical health status and their severity. It provides more insights into patient health by getting responses from patients for every aspect. It contains several assessment types, and it is challenging to manage multiple assessments. In custom psychiatrist EMR software, the use of predefined templates and custom forms can be simplified and saving providers time allowing them to spend more time with patients.

Screening assessment is the assessment that can be used to determine the patient’s mental illness and its severity. It can be system-guided with an inbuilt scoring logic system. Based on the score, the system can determine the severity of the patient’s illness for specific conditions. Below are some assessments

  • GAD-7 (for Anxiety)
  • PHQ-9 (for Depression)
  • CAGE (for Alcohol)
  • Alcohol: Audit-C
  • DAST-10 (for Substance Abuse)
  • MDQ (for Mood Disorders)
  • Drug use: TICS
  • Tobacco, Alcohol, Prescription medications, and other Substance: TAPS Part-1
  • Tobacco, Alcohol, Prescription medications, and other Substance: TAPS Part-2
Why-use-a-custom-EMR-for-Psychiatric-Assessment-1024x576 Benefits of Developing Custom EMR Software for Psychiatric Assessment

Initial psychiatric evaluation: An initial psychiatric evaluation is nothing but a comprehensive assessment taken by providers. To gain insights into individuals’ psychological and emotional states, mental health professionals generally conduct an initial psychiatric evaluation. This evaluation typically involves thoroughly exploring the individual’s medical and psychiatric history, presenting concerns, and current symptoms.

Benefits of Developing Custom EMR

Benefits-of-Developing-Custom-EMR-1024x576 Benefits of Developing Custom EMR Software for Psychiatric Assessment

1. Enhanced Patient Care

In terms of better patient care, providers need to focus on the time taken for patient documentation. It is essential to stick with the time during patient intake or registration. To fulfill this requirement, we can implement a custom EMR.

Using custom EMR can provide custom templates with the minimum required information. These templates help to get all the patient’s complete details in a short time.

Custom EMR offers flexibility to set and manage alerts. Unnecessary alerts during patient assessment can cause errors in the process. To avoid this situation, we can implement a custom EMR. Providers can use this custom EMR to set and manage alerts or notifications while assessing patients.

2. Customized Psychiatric Assessment

In Psychiatric assessment, both mental health and physical health examination are involved. While conducting these examinations, it is observed that it takes more time. Extended assessments can give a burning-out experience. Sometimes, it can also result in human error, which causes difficulties for providers in the future. We can use custom questionaries and assessments to minimize the time requirement for assessment. Customized assessments and questionaries for the examination can reduce time requirements.

3. Streamlined workflow

Workflows are different for every health care. Integrating an EMR with existing workflows will be challenging for any healthcare organization. In such kind of scenarios, custom EMR plays an important role. Custom EMR offers several features to customize the workflow for the health care system.

Using custom EMR, providers can easily make changes in the workflow as per the requirement. It is also possible to make the system automated by integrating other software. It helps providers to increase the productivity of staff. It will result in patient satisfaction with the provided service.

4. Improved Communication

It is important to maintain communication with patients and other associated providers. Medical records of the patient are very important to share in a secure manner. Confidentiality of patient data should be maintained by health care. For achieving all these requirements there is a solution available- called Custom EMR.

Custom EMR offers a feature that helps to give access to only those who need to view that patient data. This software also provides real-time data access which helps to maintain patient data on time. In terms of connecting with patients, custom EMR will offer a secure platform for communication with msg and emails. The provider also can push appointment alerts, medication, or treatment alerts for patients to make the process seamless. Implementing this custom EMR software can cut down unnecessary migration with other software.

5. Reporting and analytics

Using a custom EMR provider can generate specialized reports and analytics to help make data-driven decisions. Custom EMR can offer several features; using those features providers can easily extract insights of patient data to create required reports. With the help of generated reports and analytical reports will help to make the process more seamless. It will help to provide hassle-free and quality care service to patients.

6. Telepsychiatry Integration

In an era of digitalization, healthcare also needs to upgrade. For some patients, it is not possible to come over to a psychiatric center for treatment. Sometimes it happens because of patient unavailability for regular business hours.

Now it is possible to conduct patient appointments in virtual mode. Custom EMR software offers a feature that allows the software to seamlessly integrate with Telepsychiatry service. Integrating with Telepsychiatry allows patients to attend the appointment virtually. It will help to save time and cost for providers as well as patients. Using custom EMR it is possible for patients to upload all documents easily on the portal.

7. Data Security and Compliance 

In behavioral health centers, patient medical records are vital for quality care. To provide errorless medication and assessment, complete patient data is required. It is much more important to secure that data with compliance. Using custom EMR helps assign access to a particular role in the organization. Just allow those individuals who need to view patient data. It helps to keep patient data confidential.

Custom EMR with HIPAA compliance regulators provides surety about patient medical records. After integrating custom EMR software with HIPAA-compliant Electronic health record (EHR) software it will provide secure data interoperability. Which helps in transferring data from one system to another as per the requirement in a secure manner.

8. Flexibility

Custom EMR offers flexibility to grow as per organization requirements or capacity. For health care, it is much more important to make changes in the system as per the latest requirement for service. The provider should be able to alter the program if he wishes to boost the intake or inflow of patients.

The provider should be able to make all of these modifications. As needed if it becomes necessary to increase the number of medical specialties and experts in order to provide those specialties. Most of the time generic EMR is not able to give such kind of flexibility. Custom EMR offers several features that help providers make all those changes seamlessly.

9. Cost-Efficiency

Implementing custom EMR software can help to cut down unnecessary integration with third-party systems. It helps to make cost-effective decisions. Now custom EMR software provides several features that can help in the same condition. Custom EMR provides communication platforms that help to eliminate the need for any other communication software. Custom EMR offers a billing system and easy patient data intake which helps to save much more time for the provider. Custom EMR can seamlessly integrate with Telepsychiatry. This allows patients to connect virtually for appointments, it helps to reduce the cost of healthcare maintenance.

10. User Training and Support

Custom EMR software offers various benefits to providers. Less need for user training is one of them. If the provider implements generic EMR in their system then it must cause difficulty for navigation. Generic EMR should be new for all users. In this case provider needs to give complete training to users to operate the software.

If a provider utilizes a customized EMR, they can customize the program to suit their needs and preferences. It helps the provider to train their staff with minimum training. Custom EMR implementation offers flexibility to get easily aligned with already existing workflows. It will save time to make changes in workflows for providers.


Custom Psychiatric EMR software can provide several benefits to providers as well as to patients. Custom EMR software gives more flexibility to make changes easily as per the requirement.For example – Using Psychiatric EMR software providers can customize the templates for patient assessment. Templates can help in reducing time requirements for assessment. Custom templates also help in reducing the chances of human error in documentation.

Another benefit is- the provider can give access to patient medical data only to those individuals who need to view data. It can help in keeping patients’ medical records confidential. In terms of making medical records secure and confidential, custom EMR is the best solution.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How can custom EMR software improve patient care in psychiatric assessments?

Using custom Psychiatric EMR software may have to set of prebult assessments and those can easily be accessible to assign any patient to get it filled. With flexibility in data collection, inbuild scoring logic, and severity determination, providers get more accurate health insights to take an actionable informed decision.

2. What are the challenges or drawbacks to developing custom EMR software for psychiatric assessments?

One of the challenges for developing custom EMR software is transitioning from the already existing system to a custom EMR. Data migration with accuracy and security can make difficulties.

3. Why develop a custom EMR for Psychiatric Assessment?

A psychiatric assessment contains both mental and physical health examinations. While performing this examination or assessment it is observed that it takes more time. Generally, patient data entry takes more time to update in the system.

It may result in a burning-out experience for providers and patients. To avoid this providers can implement custom Psychiatric EMR software. Using Psychiatric EMR software can help in reducing time for assessment using templates.

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