Chronic Care Management (CCM) Software

We offer comprehensive and centralized chronic care management solutions. We assist healthcare providers in streamlining and automating care management for patients with chronic conditions. At Thinkitive, we develop Chronic Care Management Apps that provide data-driven insights to improve care quality and outcomes.

  • Delivered 16+ HIPAA-compliant chronic care management solutions
  • Fully custom CCM app with multiple EHR/EMR integrations
  • Cost-effective CCM solutions
  • End-to-end support right from discovery to deployment

The CCM  app presents patient CCM care plan details on tablet view and allows providers to conduct video consultations on mobile.

Features of Custom Chronic Care Management App


Seamless onboarding with an initial interview

Facilitate a smooth and efficient patient intake process.

Digital calendar with instant appointment scheduling
Availability management system

Get patient information directly from integrated EHRs.

To create a patient, Provider can fetch patient details from EHR by just entering the EHR id.

Apointment booking

Identify patients eligible for the CCM program.

The system can analyze patient conditions and the last occurrence date. Based on this data, it can identify patients who have had two or more chronic conditions for at least one year. After analyzing their data, providers can invite them to the CCM program.

Notifications and alerts

Assessment for tracking goals, medications & expected outcomes

Providers can conduct a virtual assessment to understand patient health better. This assessment can provide information regarding patient goals, symptoms, allergies, current medications, and expected outcomes.

Appointment booking widget

Easy and interactive way to take the patient assessment

Providers can assess patients through various telehealth options. It includes audio calls, video calls, and assessments that can be sent via email or text.

Book appointment as per availability

Educate the patient about their chronic disease

Providers can use multiple references and media to educate patients about their chronic diseases. It can be done through interactive video sessions or in-person presentations. Video images and social media links can be shared in the session.

Patient in-take form

Know patient lifestyles by gathering well-being information

Providers can gather patient lifestyle information when onboarding a patient into CCM services. This includes their diet, sleep, and activity patterns. It will help providers to personalize their care plan accordingly.

Informative billing dashboard to view the total chronic care management revenue generated from all the patients for particular CCM CPT code.

Customizable personalized care plans for each patient

Tailored healthcare services are responsive to the unique needs of each individual

Chronic care application dashboard- List all patients enrolled in the CCM program with the ability to customize a care plan for each patient.
Provider's and patient's waiting room

Disease-based care plan library saves providers time.

Our system enables healthcare practitioners to create a library of care plans for various patient groups and conditions. This can help providers quickly assign care plans, saving time.

Real-time video conferencing

Personalized care plans optimize patient-centric care.

Providers can personalize the care plan for each patient. This takes into account the patient's health and lifestyle information. Optimizing patient-centric care will enhance the better patient outcome.

Share medical records over chats

Timely progress tracking ensures better patient care

Providers can review patient goals and barriers periodically. It helps them to determine the overall patient progress. They can update this information in the system to ensure the patient complies with the care plan.

Video recording

Ability to create and share progress reports with patients

Providers can create a monthly, quarterly, or yearly progress report for a patient and send it to them via email. It includes patient details, consent, care plan, clinical details, and time log. Those reports can be easily configurable.

Instant on-demand video call

Define Trackable and non-trackable goals and Barrier identification

Our system allows providers to define goals and identify barriers to achieving the care plan. Goals can be both trackable and non-trackable. Identifying these goals and barriers is essential to measure a patient's health progress.

Invite additional care team member

Multiple-choice questions with an interactive session

Providers can instantly take interactive sessions with the patient. It involves sharing a library of health assessments with multiple-choice questions with the patients.

View patient’s CCM care plan & access education material/assessment test via mobile app's tablet interface for chronic care management.

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Informative patient population dashboard with insights

Make data-driven decisions using data visualization, benchmarking, and predictive analytics tools.

A user-friendly dashboard allows providers to access comprehensive patient data, such as revenue and device allocation, all in one place.
Track patient vitals

Comprehensive Patient Dashboard in a single window

Healthcare providers can access a comprehensive list of patients. This list includes last-call information, recent care plan updates, alerts, and tasks. It displays the cumulative time spent by clinical staff and care managers.

Safe and secure transfer of EMR in HIPAA compliant environment

Informative vitals dashboard with actionable insight

Providers can get more insight into patient health through the Vital dashboard. They can view the patient's vitals in a graphical view, identify progress trends, and be alerted to signs.

Store patient insurance information

Care plan review within a few clicks

It's effortless to review a patient care plan and update the progress for each goal within a few clicks. Providers can leave their reviews and sign the care plan in the same place. It simplifies the process and saves time.

Track patient medical records

Comprehend patient history by reviewing clinical information

Providers can analyze a patient's history by reviewing their clinical information. It includes current and historical conditions, allergies, medications, and health assessment notes.

Share electronic medical record of patient with other specialist over messaging

Manage patient-specific provider task

Our system allows providers to create tasks for individual or group patients and complete them regularly. The system can remind or alert providers of any missing or delayed tasks.

Integrate EMR with multiple EHRs

Access patient documents quickly

Care team members can access patient documents easily in any format, like PDFs, images, or videos. It includes lab results, radiology reports, etc., and can be uploaded and sent via a mobile patient app. The providers can simply access that material for evaluation and analysis.

A patient dashboard is available to providers, containing comprehensive data on patient demographics and vital analytics for monitoring.

Manage & Track care in line with the care plan

Ensure the patient receives the appropriate interventions and support, ultimately improving health outcomes and quality of life.

Healthcare providers can view individual chronic care management goals and progress and edit care plan goals as needed.
customized patient SOAP notes

Analytical insights about health progress and goals

Our system provides a comprehensive view of patient medical records, including health progress and goals. These insights are easily accessible to the patient and their care team anytime.

Order diagnostic tests

Regular assessments will keep providers informed about the patient's health status

With our system, providers can generate a schedule for assessments. They can customize the assessments and choose a suitable time for them. This can be done through various modes of communication, such as phone calls, emails, or text messages.

Electronic Prescription

Immediate transfer of any comment the provider adds for patient health concerns.

Providers can add notes or send direct messages to patients about their health issues. These can be transferred immediately to the patient via push notifications, text, or email.

Push Notes, orders and Prescription to EHR

Configure patient-specific alerts and notifications

We have a ready alert configuration component. Providers can adjust the threshold values for any vitals that need to be tracked. Providers can set the audience to whom the alert may be sent and the channel through which it is transmitted.

Search medicine & drugs in real-time

Receive real-time alerts and notifications about patient health

Providers and caregivers can receive alerts for abnormal vitals. They can also get notifications about upcoming tasks or patient health updates.

Flexible billing codes

Ability to set alerts and notify the care member

The patient and the provider can choose who should get alerts and notifications through the CCM application. It includes the patient's primary care physician and a family member as a caregiver.

CCM dashboard - Providers can access a list of patients and their tasks assigned for better care coordination.

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Secure Patient Engagement using calls and messaging

Enhance patient engagement, communication, and collaboration between the patient and their healthcare team.

The healthcare provider is offering video consultations to patients through tablet and mobile views for remote healthcare services.
Dynamic patient portal

Real-time secure HIPAA-compliant chats and audio calls

Our system can facilitate two-way, HIPAA-compliant messaging between patients and providers. This messaging system allows sharing documents, contacts, locations, and images related to patient health.

Patient mobile app

Educate patients with Webinars and healthcare sessions

Patients can request or enroll in educational services. These sessions can include webinars, healthcare expert sessions for specific diseases, and group campaigns. They may be offered without charge.

Upload images & medical documents

Real-time updates and interactive elements improve patient engagement

Real-time social and healthcare updates can be received on patient mobile devices. This will improve patient awareness and engagement. Additionally, interactive elements can assist patients with system-guided assessments, cognitive screenings, and social media involvement.

Download ePrescription

A rapid note-taking ability that can notify patients

Patients and their caregivers receive alerts when the provider comments on or adds notes to the patient's vitals. This keeps them informed of any changes. This will help to eliminate the care management gap.

Reminder and alerts for appointment

Educational Training material access to Patients through a patient mobile app

Patients can access educational and training-related content using a patient mobile app. It helps in better understanding their health issues and receiving better medical care. This may include any document, video, or social platform links.

Access to multiple provider specialists

On-demand and scheduled HIPAA-compliant video consultation

The patient can communicate with the care team and care manager in an emergency. This can be done through secure chat or audio/video calls without scheduling an appointment.

Using a patient mobile app, the patient can access medication details, care plan goals, and educational/assessment materials for review.

Advanced and Integrated Billing

Manage the financial aspects of patient care, like complexities of billing and reimbursement, more efficiently.

Seamless practice management and administration, with charts and graphs symbolizing data analysis.
Track every incomplete action

Automated time tracking along with appropriate tag

CMS reimburses providers for their time. This includes reviewing patient information and communicating with them. The system tracks the providers' time for each patient. This includes vital checking, care plan review and updation, screening assessments, and non-face-to-face consultation.

Role-based access management

Automatically CPT code assignment based on time

The system tracks the time spent on any patient by providers and the care team. The system checks the applicable CPT codes and assigns them to the patient based on the time spent. This marks the patient as eligible for billing for that CPT code.

Analytical based treatment for better decision making

Easy claim creation and submission process

The system can create an electronic claim for CCM services based on the assigned CPT codes. This claim should include all the necessary details for approval. Additionally, the provider can also take a print of the CMS 1500 claim form and submit it to a clearing house.

Reports and analytics dashboard

Real-time report for tracked time and other services

Our system enables providers to create real-time CCM reports. It considers tracked time, changes to the care plan, patient progress, and vitals details. These reports can be shared with a billing application to create a claim, resulting in payment.

Configure practice resource management centrally

Integrated secured payment gateway to collect patient payment

Our system can integrate with any Third-party billing application system through which patients can pay bill amounts online.

Integration with multiple EHR systems

Dynamic reporting with multiple data pointers & preferences

Providers can configure reports to their preferences. They can generate dynamic reports using any filter criteria in various formats, such as PDF, XLS, and CSV. Charts, graphs, and other visual aids make the data easier to interpret.

Centralized configuration for pratice resource management
Patient mobile app with their current medication plan, latest vital checks and call the provider if vital checks crosses the limit

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Chronic Care Management Software Development - Process

Project discovery phase of telehealth solutions

Discovery ( Duration: 1 - 2 Weeks )

The steps in discovery phase of CCM software development are:

  • Our Subject matter experts understand the end target user needs.
  • Analyzes the Business requirements for the fit market solution.
  • Gathers and conduct user research with the competitive audit.
  • The team creates wireframes and user flows based on research as product market fit.
Engineering phase of telehealth software development

Engineering ( Duration: 4 - 6 Months )

After requirement gathering, the next step is to design the application and develop it :

  • It includes creating a dynamic UI/UX for patients and healthcare providers.
  • Simultaneously our engineering team first creates sprint planning for your custom telehealth app.
  • Coding the app and integrating APIs such as patient data encryption, SSL Layer, and HIPAA-compliant servers.
telemedicine software testing phase

Testing ( Duration: 4 - 6 Weeks )

Our testing team creates test cases for different workflows and user stories depending on the requirements.

  • Manual and Automated testing on delivered CCM applications.
  • We rigorously test all the features and functionalities and fix bugs quickly and efficiently if found.
deployment of telemedicine software

Deployment ( Duration: 1 - 2 Weeks )

Our team creates end-to-end CI/CD pipelines that enable us to quickly deploy applications on the server.

  • We ensure your CCM infrastructure is secure and HIPAA compliant.
  • We integrate the application into a larger entity or infrastructure, deploying the application on the necessary devices.
  • Finally, we deploy CCM software in the right market while providing maintenance and support.

Chronic Care Management App Development Cost


The development cost of CCM depends on the following:

  • Reporting Capabilities of CCM, such as time log, user activities, and other reports.
  • Diseases covered by the CCM platform.
  • Care plan templates and customization are required.
  • Requirement scope of Chronic care management software.
  • Type of CCM apps ( web, mobile, or desktop )
  • User roles and responsibilities ( Super admin, provider & Patients )
  • Third-party healthcare IT systems Integrations (e.g., EHRs, Devices, Labs, Radiology, Health Exchanges, and many more )


Time & Material - Thinkitive



With all features
Dedicated Team - Thinkitive



With reduced features

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Tools & Technologies use to Develop CCM Software

Backend Technologies


.Net, Java, Python, NodeJS, Php, Go

Frontend Technologies


HTML, CSS, Javascript, Angular, React, Meteor, Vuejs, Nextjs, Ember

Mobile Technologies


iOS, Android, Xamarin, Cordova, PWA, React Native, Flutter, Ionic

Cloud Technologies


AWS, Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud, Digital Ocean, Rockspace

DevOps & Testing


Wowza Streaming Engine, Azure Media Services, Media Services

DevOps & Testing

Cloud Storage

Amazon S3, Amazon Redshift, Amazon DynamoDB, Amazon DocumentDB, Amazon RDS, AWS Elasticache, Azure Data Lake, Azure Blob Storage, Azure Cosmos DB, Azure SQL Database, Azure Synapse Analytics, Azure Kinect DK, Azure RTOS, Google Cloud SQL, Google Cloud Database


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  • Ionic logo Ionic


  • AWS logo AWS
  • Microsoft Azure logo Microsoft Azure
  • Google Cloud logo Google Cloud
  • Digital Ocean logo Digital Ocean
  • Rockspace logo Rockspace


  • darWowza Streaming Engine logo Wowza...
    Wowza Streaming Engine
  • Azure Media Services logo Azure...
    Azure Media Services
  • Media Services logo Media Services
Messaging And Conferencing
  • Sendbird logo Sendbird
  • Contus Mirrorfly logo Contus...
    Contus Mirrorfly

Cloud storage

  • Amazon S3 logo Amazon S3
  • Amazon Redshift logo Amazon...
    Amazon Redshift
  • Amazon DynamoDB logo Amazon...
    Amazon DynamoDB
  • Amazon DocumentDB logo Amazon...
    Amazon DocumentDB
  • Amazon RDS logo Amazon RDS
  • AWS Elasticache logo AWS...
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  • Azure Data Lake logo Azure...
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Google Cloud Plattform
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Why Thinkitive is the Best Chronic Care Management Company?

In-depth Domain Expertise - Thinkitive

In-depth CCM program understanding

Thinkitive is one of the leading chronic care management service company with 8+ years of broad technical expertise and knowledge of HIPAA-compliant software for chronic care management. We deliver flexible, scalable, and robust chronic care apps.

Ready-to-use Components - Thinkitive

Ready-to-use CCM Components

We have ready-to-use CCM components that can accelerate the development of CCM. Some CCM components are Care plan management, Patient engagement, Dashboard, and insights.

Third Party Integration - Thinkitive

Support multiple devices

We provide device integration bridge solutions. These solutions interact effortlessly with any healthcare device. It includes iGlucose, Strava, Dexcom, BodyTrace, Fitbit, Google Fit, iHealth, and blood pressure monitors.

Affordable Telemedicine Solutions - Thinkitive

Easy and quick customization

With our easy-to-use and customizable clinical protocols, providers promptly receive alerts when patients are heading in the wrong direction and need to be investigated.

Fully Customized Solutions - Thinkitive

User-friendly UI/UX

Intuitive Dashboard with detailed information about CCM activities- time, upcoming calls, recent patients, etc., and easy-to-use billing interface for CCM claims.

Timely Delivery - Thinkitive

Cost-effective and on-time delivery

As one of the best chronic care management vendors, we provide cost-effective solutions with on-time delivery of the CCM apps without compromising the quality.

Contact us to learn more about our chronic care management solutions and see how we can help improve your patient outcomes.

Chronic Care Management App Case Studies



Chronic care management solution unique and innovative approach to caring for patient with chronic condition.

The thinktive team developed a comprehensive care management app with advanced features for healthcare organizations catering...


CCM system allows patients and healthcare providers to collaborate and more effectively manage chronic conditions.

The Thinkitive team developed a custom chronic care management app for a healthcare...


Improve chronic care and value-based reimbursement with an integrated management solution for long-term medical conditions.

Thinkitive team added automated time tracking and billing feature to a healthcare...


Enhance patient health outcomes while boosting revenue with effortless workflows and user-friendly though CCM platform.

Thinkitive develops a telehealth app for Chronic Care Management, catering to individuals...


Chronic care managment platform improved patient access to timely and quality care...

The thinkitive team created a chronic care management app for organizations to enhance the management of chronic conditions, addressing...


A comprehensive and customizable suite of CCM solutions with EMR integration.

Thinktitive developed HIPAA-compliant chronic care management, including telehealth and remote patient monitoring, to help clients increase recurring revenue...

Chronic Care Management App Architecture for HIPAA Compliance

Telemedicine App Architecture for HIPAA Compliance - Thinkitive

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Frequently Ask Questions on Custom Chronic Care Management Software


Chronic care management is a program the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) proposed. It is designed for people suffering from two or more chronic conditions in the past twelve months. These conditions have the potential to cause severe harm or death. Physician Practioner, Non-physician practitioners, physician assistants, and certified Nurs can offer these services. CCM services are mostly non-face-to-face patient consultations and monitoring services. They can be billed for at least 20 minutes of provider time spent.
Some of the Examples of chronic conditions that can be managed in CCM but aren’t limited to

  1. Asthma,
  2. Cancer,
  3. Cardiovascular disease
  4. Depression
  5. Diabetes
  6. Hypertension
  7. Infectious diseases like HIV and AIDS CPT

Physicians and Non-Physician Practitioners can provide CCM services and be billed for the same. Below are some examples of CCM service providers other than Physician

  1. Certified Nurse Midwives
  2. Clinical Nurse Specialists
  3. Nurse Practitioners
  4. Physician Assistants

Chronic care management services can be primarily managed over the phone and video calls. The provider can bill these non-face-to-face consultations once they complete min 20 mins spend for each patient.
Yes, Part B of Medicare covers CCM. It indicates that Medicare will cover 80% of the cost of the service. You will be responsible for a 20% coinsurance payment. If a visit costs $50, you will pay $10; Medicare Part B will cover the remaining $40.
Research has revealed that 117 million adults suffer from at least one chronic condition. Of those, a quarter have two or more chronic conditions. To manage those chronic conditions and provide better health outcomes to those people, CMS introduces the Chronic Care Management program.
Healthcare professionals can provide better care to patients by offering CCM services. Patients can get quality non-face-to-face services without the hassle of regular office visits.

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