Primary Care




Administrative Costs Decreased by 30%


Unified Clinic Management System

Business Challenges

  • Disjointed Operations and Fragmented Systems
  • Scalability Issues with Increasing Patient Volume
  • Inefficient and Time-Consuming Administrative Processes
  • Limited Customization and Lack of Integration
  • Challenges in Ensuring Data Security and Compliance


  • Unified Patient Management System
  • Advanced Scheduling Solutions
  • Comprehensive Billing Management
  • Robust Reporting and E-Prescription Features
  • Flexible Form and Data Management
  • Comprehensive Role-Based Access Control Module


  • Our unified platform eliminated data silos and streamlined workflows, resulting in a 30% reduction in patient processing times
  • The solution is built for scalability, allowing the client to accommodate a 40% increase in clinic locations seamlessly.
  • The unified platform with robust security features and role-based access control safeguards sensitive patient data.
  • Reduced Costs and Strong ROI, 30% Decrease in Administrative Costs

Solution Implementation

Our client, a well-known primary care provider in California, sought to scale up their services by increasing the number of clinics. With the existing setup consisting of three separate subscription-based systems for the front desk, patient management, and staff management, the client faced inefficiencies and challenges in handling the growing number of patients and clinics. To address these challenges, we developed a comprehensive, customizable, and white-labeled system to integrate all three departments with role-based access.

1. Patient Management:

  • Patient Registration: Simplified registration process for new patients with digital forms to capture essential information efficiently.
  • Intake Forms: Customizable intake forms to gather patient history and medical information seamlessly.
  • Medical Documentation Storage: Secure and organized storage for all patient-related documents, ensuring easy retrieval and management.
  • Patient Charting Details: Comprehensive charting capabilities to document patient visits, treatment plans, and progress notes.
  • Insurance Details: Efficient management of patient insurance information, including verification and claims processing.

2. Scheduling:

  • Scheduling System: Advanced scheduling system to manage appointments efficiently, with features for setting availability and scheduling across multiple locations.
  • Availability Setting: Tools for providers to set their availability, ensuring optimal use of their time and resources.
  • Multi-Location Calendars: Integrated calendar system to manage appointments and resources across multiple clinic locations.

3. Billing:

  • Superbill Generation: Automated superbill generation for accurate billing and reimbursement.
  • Claim Management: Streamlined claim management processes, including submission, tracking, and follow-up.
  • Batch Claim Processing: Efficient handling of multiple claims in batches, reducing administrative burden.
  • Account Receivables: Comprehensive management of account receivables to ensure timely payments and financial health.

4. Reporting and E-Prescription:

  • Reports: Customizable reporting tools to generate insights and analytics for better decision-making.
  • E-Prescription: Integrated e-prescription capabilities to streamline medication management and enhance patient safety.

5. Form Builder and Data Management:

  • Form Builder: A user-friendly form builder and customizes various forms required for patient management and administrative purposes.
  • Data Import: Tools to facilitate the import of existing data into the new system, ensuring continuity and ease of transition.

6. Availability Management and Customizable Forms:

  • Availability Management for Providers: Advanced tools to manage provider schedules and ensure efficient utilization of their time.
  • Customizable Forms: Flexibility to customize forms to suit the specific needs and workflows of different departments.

7. Role-Based Access Control Module:

  • Customizable Roles: Administrators can define a variety of roles within the system, tailored to the specific needs of the organization. Typical roles might include Receptionist, Provider, Administrator, Billing Specialist, and more.
  • Granular Permissions: Each role is associated with a set of permissions that determine what data and functionalities users can access. This ensures that users can perform their job functions without unnecessarily accessing sensitive information.

The implementation of our comprehensive system delivered significant value to the client by streamlining operations, enhancing scalability, and improving efficiency across all departments. The unified patient management system, advanced scheduling solutions, and comprehensive billing management reduced administrative overhead and facilitated the expansion of services. Additionally, the robust role-based access control module ensured data security and regulatory compliance.

workflow diagram of hospital billing system

Business Value

Improving UX

Helped being on the same page with the patients. We improved User experience and made the accuracy of the results higher.

Developing All Flow

Helped in having a competitive advantage. We chose a proper tech stack, developed all flow from A to Z and implemented in real life.


Increasing operational speed by 2 times. Now all data in one place. Increasing operational speed by 2 times. Now all data in one place.

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