Intellectual/Developmental Disabilities


Multiple Locations (EST)


70% Improvement in Program Outcomes


Custom Healthcare System

Business Challenges

  • Disparate Systems and Inefficiencies in Client Management
  • Inefficient ISP Development and Program Management
  • Challenges in Appointment and Schedule Management
  • Limited Incident Reporting and Tracking Capabilities
  • Billing Inefficiencies and Claims Submission
  • Challenges in Caregiver Coordination and Communication


  • Efficient Incident and Program Management
  • Centralised Scheduling System
  • Incident Management Module
  • Seamless Billing (Superbill creation and Claim Submission)


  • Unified Data & Streamlined Workflows (25% Reduction in Administrative Tasks)
  • Efficient Care Planning & Management (70% Improvement in Program Outcomes)
  • Enhanced Incident Management & Communication (90% Faster Response Times)
  • Optimised Scheduling & Resource Allocation (15% Reduction in Scheduling Conflicts)
  • Improved Caregiver Efficiency & Communication (20% Increase in Client Engagement)

Solution Implementation

We propose a custom speciality specific system that eliminates data silos and streamlines workflows. This single platform will centralize all client information, care plans, scheduling, and communication, enabling staff to work more efficiently and deliver better care.

1. Speciality Specific System

Efficient Incident and Program Management:

  • Plan of Care Templates and Creation: Pre-built templates with customizable fields will expedite ISP development, ensuring each plan is tailored to the specific needs of each client.
  • Program Management Tools: Reporting and analytics tools will provide valuable insights into program efficiency, resource allocation, and service delivery, allowing for data-driven decision making.
  • Incident Management Module: This dedicated module will streamline incident reporting and tracking, ensuring timely intervention and communication in case of client care issues.

Centralised Scheduling System:

  • A real-time scheduling system allows for efficient management of appointments, therapy sessions, and staff shifts. This eliminates scheduling conflicts and improves overall visibility into resource allocation.
  • Calendar integrations and notifications ensure improved coordination and visibility. Staff and caregivers have a clear view of the schedule, fostering better communication and collaboration.

Incident Management Module:

A dedicated module streamlines incident reporting and tracking. Staff can document details, corrective actions, and attachments related to client care incidents. This facilitates timely intervention, communication, and ensures a documented record of incidents for future reference.

Billing (Superbill and Claim Submission):

Incorporated medical billing functionalities to generate accurate superbills reflecting services provided. Depending on feasibility, Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) capabilities were explored for seamless insurance claim submission.

2. Mobile App (Staff/ caregiver)


Caregivers can view their schedules in real time, ensuring they are always aware of upcoming appointments and tasks. Multiple calendar views allow caregivers to plan ahead and manage their time effectively.

  • Real-Time Access
  • Daily/Weekly/Monthly Views

Check-In & Check-Out:

Utilizes GPS to confirm the caregiver's location at the time of check-in and check-out, ensuring accountability and accuracy. Records the exact time of arrival and departure, simplifying time tracking for payroll purposes.

  • Geolocation Tracking
  • Automated Time Stamping

Offline Functionality:

Enabled offline access to critical client information and care plans, allowing caregivers to work seamlessly even in areas with limited connectivity. Data would synchronize upon regaining connection.

Secure Communication:

Implemented secure messaging features within the app for communication between caregivers and staff members, fostering collaboration and real-time updates.

Telehealth Integration:

Explored the integration of secure video conferencing features within the app, enabling telehealth consultations between healthcare providers and clients.

By addressing these challenges with a unified EMR system and a dedicated mobile app for caregivers, we have significantly improved efficiency in client management, program delivery, and communication within the IDD healthcare organization. This translates to better quality care for individuals with Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities.

workflow diagram of hospital billing system

Business Value

Improving UX

Helped being on the same page with the patients. We improved User experience and made the accuracy of the results higher.

Developing All Flow

Helped in having a competitive advantage. We chose a proper tech stack, developed all flow from A to Z and implemented in real life.


Increasing operational speed by 2 times. Now all data in one place. Increasing operational speed by 2 times. Now all data in one place.

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