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Enhance Patient Care Coordination by 25%


Pharmacy-Specific System

Business Challenges

  • Reliance on Disparate Systems
  • Fragmented Patient Records
  • Manual and Uncoordinated Scheduling Processes
  • Inadequate Documentation
  • Complex Payroll Processing


  • Unified Service-Specific System
  • Centralised Patient Management Module
  • Streamlined Scheduling Module with Real-Time Updates
  • Comprehensive Patient Charting Module
  • Efficient Timesheet Management System


  • A unified platform streamlines workflows, boosting efficiency by 40%
  • Real-time data access and communication features enhance patient care coordination by 25%
  • Automated scheduling and task management minimize errors by 80%
  • The mobile app streamlines workflows, increasing nurse productivity by 25%
  • Electronic timesheets to facilitate faster and more accurate payroll processing

Solution Implementation

Our client, a leading healthcare provider in central US, specializes in home infusion services for chronic disease patients, receiving referrals from hospitals. They sought our expertise to streamline operations. Currently managing multiple pharmacies and patient care without a dedicated system, they face challenges in scheduling, nurse coordination, and documentation.

To overcome these challenges, we proposed and implemented a comprehensive solution aligned with the client's specific needs:

1. Pharmacy Specific System Development

Pharmacies Management:

  • We implemented a robust pharmacy management module to optimize inventory control and streamline medication logistics.
  • This includes tracking medication orders, managing referrals, and ensuring compliance with regulatory requirements.

Patients Management:

  • We have provided a module for patient management that securely stores comprehensive patient information, including demographics, medical history, infusion plans, and progress notes.
  • Advanced data encryption and access controls ensure patient confidentiality and compliance with healthcare regulations such as HIPAA. The system facilitates efficient retrieval and updating of patient records across multiple locations for seamless continuity of care.

Nurse Management:

  • Streamlined nurse management features include automated scheduling based on nurse availability and location proximity to patient residences.
  • Task assignment functionalities allow case managers to allocate tasks efficiently, monitor performance metrics, and facilitate seamless communication between nurses and administrative staff.

Patient Charting:

  • The patient charting module enables detailed documentation of assessments, medication administration details, and progress notes.
  • Templates tailored to infusion services facilitate accurate and comprehensive documentation, supporting informed decision-making and continuity of care.

Scheduling Module:

  • Our scheduling module offers intuitive tools for efficient patient visit scheduling and task assignment to nurses.
  • Real-time updates and notifications ensure timely adjustments to schedules based on patient needs and nurse availability.
  • Integration with calendar systems provides a unified view of appointments across multiple clinics, enhancing coordination and reducing scheduling conflicts.

Timesheet Management:

  • Electronic submission of nurse timesheets simplifies payroll processing and ensures accurate compensation for services rendered.
  • The system captures detailed time entries, including visit duration and task completion timestamps, supporting payroll accuracy and regulatory compliance.

2. Nurse Application Development

Designed and developed a mobile application specifically for nurses and caregivers visiting patients at their homes. The application facilitates:

Calendar/Schedule Management:

Nurses can view and manage their schedules and appointments.

Task Management:

Nurses can view assigned tasks, add new tasks as needed, and mark tasks as completed.

Patient Charting:

Access patient care plans, medications, and assessments, as well as document visit notes and progress.

Visit Initiation:

Start check-in procedures, complete assessments, tasks, and progress notes electronically, and check-out upon completion.

Profile Management:

View personal profiles, manage availability, and submit timesheets directly from the application.

Our proposed solution transformed the client's operations by creating a unified platform that streamlines workflows and improves efficiency. Real-time data access and communication features enhance care coordination, while streamlined documentation with templates minimizes errors. Automated scheduling significantly reduces conflicts, and electronic timesheets facilitate faster and more accurate payroll processing.

workflow diagram of hospital billing system

Business Value

Improving UX

Helped being on the same page with the patients. We improved User experience and made the accuracy of the results higher.

Developing All Flow

Helped in having a competitive advantage. We chose a proper tech stack, developed all flow from A to Z and implemented in real life.


Increasing operational speed by 2 times. Now all data in one place. Increasing operational speed by 2 times. Now all data in one place.

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