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Reduced Training Time by 40% through Realistic Simulation


Practice Purpose System

Business Challenges

  • Limited Training Opportunities: Traditional training methods could not effectively replicate real-world EMR workflows.
  • Data Security Concerns: Using accurate patient data for training posed security and privacy risks.
  • Inefficient Use of Resources: Training with existing EMR systems disrupted live operations and required additional resource allocation.
  • Documentation and Logging: Maintaining detailed logs of user actions within the system for training documentation and auditing purposes.


  • Realistic Patient Management
  • Robust Appointment Scheduling
  • Refine Communication & Referrals
  • Empower with Billing Knowledge & Treatment Protocol Management
  • Granular User Management and System Control with Admin Module


  • Reduced training time by 40% through realistic simulation of patient management
  • Enabled trainees to handle 30% more simulated appointments
  • Achieved 50% reduction in errors in data entry and management during training exercises.
  • Increased billing task proficiency by 45% through comprehensive claim generation and submission simulations.
  • Streamlined User Management with Role-Based Access Control

Solution Implementation

The client, a healthcare organization offering training programs, needed a dummy EMR system for practice purposes. This system replicates essential EMR features using dummy patient profiles and includes appointment scheduling, patient charting, referral management, telehealth, billing, and comprehensive documentation to log user actions for training and auditing.

To address these challenges, we designed and implemented a robust dummy EMR system tailored to the client's specific training requirements:

1. Patient Management:

Our implemented system includes detailed dummy patient profiles with comprehensive demographic data, medical histories, and simulated treatment plans. This allows trainees to practice navigating and updating patient information realistically.

2. Scheduling:

We developed a robust appointment scheduling feature set that mimics real-world scenarios, enabling trainees to practice scheduling, rescheduling, and managing appointments efficiently within the training environment.

3. Communication (Referrals):

Integrated communication tools facilitate simulated referrals among healthcare providers within the training system, allowing trainees to practice seamless coordination and communication for patient care.

4. Telehealth:

Our system includes telehealth capabilities that simulate remote consultations and virtual visits. Trainees can practice conducting appointments remotely, utilizing video conferencing and secure messaging tools tailored for training purposes.

5. Billing:

Designed specifically for training and educational needs, our billing functionalities enable trainees to practice claim generation, invoicing, and submission processes. This prepares them for real-world billing tasks in a controlled learning environment.

6. Treatment Protocols:

Established treatment protocols and workflows within the EMR system to simulate clinical decision-making and patient care scenarios.

  • Implemented a searchable database of treatment protocols categorized for easy navigation.
  • Administrative capabilities include the ability to edit, add, or remove treatment protocols as needed.

7. Educational Tab:

Implemented an educational module within the system to provide resources and training materials for healthcare providers (users).

8. Admin Module:

The Admin Module provides a central hub for user management and system control. Administrators can define different user roles within the system, assigning specific permissions for each role.

  • Role-based access controls for assigning different user permissions within the system.
  • Subscription plan management for onboarding users and managing subscriptions.
  • Subscription notifications to alert administrators about expiring subscriptions.
  • User management dashboard for viewing all onboarded users and their details.

Our innovative training EMR system empowers healthcare providers with the skills and confidence to excel in real-world settings. Trainees practice using comprehensive patient profiles, navigate realistic appointment scheduling, and utilize communication tools to simulate seamless collaboration. Telehealth features prepare them for the growing use of remote consultations, while the training-specific billing functionalities solidify their understanding of medical billing processes. This comprehensive solution equips trainees with the essential knowledge and practical experience needed to thrive in their careers.

workflow diagram of hospital billing system

Business Value

Improving UX

Helped being on the same page with the patients. We improved User experience and made the accuracy of the results higher.

Developing All Flow

Helped in having a competitive advantage. We chose a proper tech stack, developed all flow from A to Z and implemented in real life.


Increasing operational speed by 2 times. Now all data in one place. Increasing operational speed by 2 times. Now all data in one place.

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